Today, Ghaza subjected to bloodshed of naive infants and women,
All are face carnage bypassing Genghis and Halagu Khans be men;
Muslim monarch and Rulers as Head of State merrymaking wealth,
Alexandra the Great as died his hands empty out of coffin no filth;
Salahuddin Ayubi (Saladin) ransack Jewish stratagem and crushed,
Never lost Patience, treated king Richard like a king nay blushed;
Fatima-bint-Abdullah serve warfront ample water to the injured,
Muslim Monarch, Ruler and Head of State be castrated punctured;
Pharaohs buried their wealth into graves, be digged by the public,
Shah Iran seeks refuge pillar to post! Barter daughter in republic;
Turkish empire bonded Islamic countries in empire self sufficient,
Lawrence, a British puddle mimic Arab mug state unity deficient;
Hitler justified in creating holocaust roasting Jews in their blood,
Alas! Did not have forethought Jew exist puddle of British flood;
Puddles in the attire of human snatched Palestinian a homeland,
Murder innocent infants, kids, females and males be cancer gland;
Hassan Naserullah did nib the Jew in the bud in fact go infinitive,
Lawlessness prevail in all Muslim countries, rulers adaptive relive;
Rock candy @ a Rupee/seer and Cashew nut@ one paisa get sell
What is the role of Nuclear deterrent with long range missile yell;
Are Nuclear deterrent meant to save human or vice versa frighten,
Where from Mohd-bin-Qasim? To save Palestinian from carnage,
Iran can crush the force with double force, but has own cleavage;
Pakistan in the control of tricksters, thug and election rigged clan,
False promises howled like jackal in the apparel of paper lion plan;
All “Horse-shoe-Makers clan rule the state as Giant Asian Dodder,
One bro Prime Minister, 2nd Chief Minister breach promise fodder;
Son similar Chief Minister, daughter similar Prime Minister in rule,
Son-in-Laws and daughter-in-Laws pointlessly mushroom as fool;
“Showbaz-in-Chief” alias “Servant-in-Chief” lock no light flaking,
1st, 2nd, 6 months, five years thereto trying strong, but not bring;
Poor masses advised to eat cakes if not afford bread as build track,
Huge project squeeze from blend of sweat, blood and chastity flak,
Socrates barred entry to assembly of “Horse-shoe-makers,” clique,
Maneuvered rigged elections like hereditary family characteristic,
Entrap in stricture! Caliph Umer (RA) on was peasant saw peasant,
Sifter loudly with voice of grain to call his horse closer in prudent;
Umer (RA).”Do you intend to give it grain?” Peasant,” Are pebble,”
He, “It breach of promise by animal qua fraud face hell horrible!”
Pakistan PML-N and their rulers are victor of breach of promises,
As Zionist do in Gaza carnage and massacre innocents, life muss;
“Sword of Damocles “hanging over who breaches , all monarchs,
Head of States, Zionist and usurping power by rigging by starch;
Messiah Sidra (RU) on way to cut trunk bear leaves of breached,
Give way to Imam Mahdi (AS) to come and truce with preached.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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