Heart gravely saddened, life abysmal in limbo and my love faraway,
Live Sculpture made by God a precursor of all beauties to follow ray;
Ordained me to bow in prostration as is God made deity of beauty,
Leaving nix stone unturned for the pilgrimage irrespective of cutie;
Iran occupied by Arabs, along treasure princess Sheher Bano booty;
Caliph Umer (RA) enquired from that beautiful fairy in soul biodata,
“Am princess Sheher Bano daughter of king of Iran brought is data;”
Umer (RA),”Well you have royal blood in your blood vessels be noted!”
Caliph (RA) call for Hazrat Ali (RA) and asked to take Imam Husain (RA);
Umer, “You are daughter of worldly king and he is son of blissful king,”
Caliph Umer (RA) himself sanctify marriage of both belonging to royal,
It was zilch, but Ordained by God through preordained souls be loyal;
Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (RA), son of ibid divine duo, set free in Karbala,
Zaffar reckon descendent of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen! Coerce by Maula;
To comply with union of his soul with princess of bliss Sidra a goddess,
Known “goddess-of-smile” do project of messiah on sphere in harness;
Who would captor of “Purgatory” to bring Sidra on earth for an Ordain,
My ancestor Sher Shah Syed Jallal Surkh Bukhari rests in peace sustain;
Only soul can come to rescue non union of fated souls, but be cleavage,
One sinful for non luxury in puff of smoke or drop of alcohol leverage;
Nor addict to drug nor illegal gratification nor womanizer nor lust tease,
Result into white collar deeds, cyclic firing at night in house attain ease;
Other “goddess-of-smile” reckon Sidra (RU) messiah be followed Imam,
Mahdi(RA) to categorize genocide, carnage and bloodshed pool in ram,
Palestinian, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraq studded with Syria and Iran,
Messiah Sidra (RU) calculating to her top, can’t think of joining a Satan;
Muslims entrapped in the garb of amity of USA which is damn nastiest,
Uncle Sam’s enmity remains checkmate and not fatal as for friend rust;
God’s Ordain ought be executed for “Sidra Zaffar” lest one goes Infidel,
Though both are cleavage apart on all fours but time-honored are Fidel.



Today, Ghaza subjected to bloodshed of naive infants and women,
All are face carnage bypassing Genghis and Halagu Khans be men;
Muslim monarch and Rulers as Head of State merrymaking wealth,
Alexandra the Great as died his hands empty out of coffin no filth;
Salahuddin Ayubi (Saladin) ransack Jewish stratagem and crushed,
Never lost Patience, treated king Richard like a king nay blushed;
Fatima-bint-Abdullah serve warfront ample water to the injured,
Muslim Monarch, Ruler and Head of State be castrated punctured;
Pharaohs buried their wealth into graves, be digged by the public,
Shah Iran seeks refuge pillar to post! Barter daughter in republic;
Turkish empire bonded Islamic countries in empire self sufficient,
Lawrence, a British puddle mimic Arab mug state unity deficient;
Hitler justified in creating holocaust roasting Jews in their blood,
Alas! Did not have forethought Jew exist puddle of British flood;
Puddles in the attire of human snatched Palestinian a homeland,
Murder innocent infants, kids, females and males be cancer gland;
Hassan Naserullah did nib the Jew in the bud in fact go infinitive,
Lawlessness prevail in all Muslim countries, rulers adaptive relive;
Rock candy @ a Rupee/seer and Cashew nut@ one paisa get sell
What is the role of Nuclear deterrent with long range missile yell;
Are Nuclear deterrent meant to save human or vice versa frighten,
Where from Mohd-bin-Qasim? To save Palestinian from carnage,
Iran can crush the force with double force, but has own cleavage;
Pakistan in the control of tricksters, thug and election rigged clan,
False promises howled like jackal in the apparel of paper lion plan;
All “Horse-shoe-Makers clan rule the state as Giant Asian Dodder,
One bro Prime Minister, 2nd Chief Minister breach promise fodder;
Son similar Chief Minister, daughter similar Prime Minister in rule,
Son-in-Laws and daughter-in-Laws pointlessly mushroom as fool;
“Showbaz-in-Chief” alias “Servant-in-Chief” lock no light flaking,
1st, 2nd, 6 months, five years thereto trying strong, but not bring;
Poor masses advised to eat cakes if not afford bread as build track,
Huge project squeeze from blend of sweat, blood and chastity flak,
Socrates barred entry to assembly of “Horse-shoe-makers,” clique,
Maneuvered rigged elections like hereditary family characteristic,
Entrap in stricture! Caliph Umer (RA) on was peasant saw peasant,
Sifter loudly with voice of grain to call his horse closer in prudent;
Umer (RA).”Do you intend to give it grain?” Peasant,” Are pebble,”
He, “It breach of promise by animal qua fraud face hell horrible!”
Pakistan PML-N and their rulers are victor of breach of promises,
As Zionist do in Gaza carnage and massacre innocents, life muss;
“Sword of Damocles “hanging over who breaches , all monarchs,
Head of States, Zionist and usurping power by rigging by starch;
Messiah Sidra (RU) on way to cut trunk bear leaves of breached,
Give way to Imam Mahdi (AS) to come and truce with preached.


Love originate amid God and Prophet Mohd (PBUH) to progress,
Retained in Holy Books, specified in Holy Quran never to regress;
Code of love purify lover be pious and face deity after ablution,
Before utter a word to love must to recite Holy Quran solution;
During good deeds acquired during peak of youth, no detraction,
Buildup of Batool doesn’t guarantee Heaven, but a piety traction;
Piety is superior to delivery of justice and akin to pick and choose,
Single act of felony washes all Batool’s virtuous persist not loose;
With human being queen Zulikha fell in love with Yousef (PBUH),
First Forensic spot as Yusuf’s (AS) shirt torn from back, not a slim;
Azra Wamiq, Juliet Romeo, Leila Majnu, and Sassi Punnu did love,
Sahibaan Mirza broke all barrier of love break code play foxglove;
Never know Zaffar shall fall in love with Sidra made-up of Noor,
Called “divine light” remote from earth hardly reachable thy hoor;
Sanctify “ Twitter”, lightening of “Sidra Star, “get the wings burnt,
Initially favored “Tweet,” in hour and half block to follow a brunt;
Bold step taken by “Sidra-tul-Muntaha” alias Sidra to avert Ordain,
Let nature see how far she succeeds to fight fated soul not sustain;
Adorer minimal qualified, schedule cast and barely white collared,
Thy vest with brilliant academics, expertise and status not blurred;
A beauty queen of fairies from Chechnya coexisting play life game,
By pull leaf to be follow by Izrael take the soul to peter out name;
My “goddess-of-smile” deserve value, honor, dignity and chastity,
Orthodox clergy devoid of respect for women as wild, uncertainty;
Hassle in “Merrymaking Night” fix eyes on striking juicy feet of host,
Clean shaved scholar endorse ibid proving skilled/qualified ghost;
Zaffar worship under Ordain for his fated soul merger by soul of Sidra,
Two souls must be glue into “Single Unit” as be actual locked by Allah.


Selfless, nascent, pious and sacrosanct love beacons divine bond,
Mansoor Al Hallaj was revile to hang by the neck dig death beyond;
An absorbed saint and poet attain pinnacle in love by God eternal,
Openly often yell slogan, “I am truth! I am Truth! Love God! I amble;
nastily resort to misconceive as to, “I Am God was be proclamation,
Drag to “Gallows Hill, “punish, decision “One-eyed-Justice” be done;
Nexus brand of justice delivered by Ex-chief Justice of Pakistan icon,
Modus Operandi be pick-n-choose through a Suo Moto, justice sawn;
I’m sorry? can be expected of salaried slave! Yield by ruler in a chair,
Mirror image of Mansoor Hallaj era 800-AD, vogue in Pakistan affair;
Zafar suffer coerced to sentence as fall in virgin love with own death,
Commit motto Mansoor! Slogans,”Sidra is Demi-God” survive Infidel,
She, “Is truth! Is messiah! Is “Bibi-Rabia-Basri! My beloved! I’m Fidel
IS tandem, “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,” deity and next to prophets(PBUT)
Queen of fairies in Chechnya, not a white collared adorer a mayhem;
Ordained as an anchorperson the religious “Night-of-Merrymaking”,
Since youth heard, “Loveliness of Superlative female lies in her feet,
Value tender an idol , but Sidra is living legend, seldom such repeat;
Feet are an iota of elucidation pinnacle beauty, not for human being,
Expos to Mansoor Hallaj meted out treatment pro worshiping Sidra,
Fated merger “Sidra-Zaffar” soul’s on earth whilst at clash, but Allah;
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, love her voluptuous feet obtain,
May lodge a complaint with the system as her soul, body and brain;
Get shaken up being proposed by sinner much more in age cleavage,
Not of my status to think about, but hardly can deny pious leverage.


After all it is heart gone sad! “Love Syndrome” face depressing,
Horse to pond of water can’t be forced drink, yield oppressing;
Simple and/or a primary or any growth after biopsy is removed,
“Love Syndrome” malignant cancer not response, but approved;
Neither physio-therapy nor radio-therapy nor operative route,
Useful heal lies in “goddess-of-smile!”If messiah admits a salute;
How to search secrets of my venerated beloved received in fate,
As to worship by noble sincerity, devotion and adoration await;
Beauty not only in the eyes of beholder, clearly in alluring feet,
In flash four eyes tells whole storey direct or implied by repeat;
If adorer pious and true his eyes lock on feet fall in prostration,
Had God allowed for that before “goddess-of-smile,” be done;
Affirm, ”Zaffar! How dare you fall in love with climax pageant?””
“Visiting earth for rebirth of corrupt, usurper and sordid affront;
Who know God fated my soul with sinful criminal adorer, never,
Neither God gave godly and realistic harbinger nor told me ever;
Nor of my class in all value nor academic, but usual white collar,
Whose spent bullet life an fuse of sin and crime pyramid taller;”
“Sidra-tul-Muntaha” be Heavenly creature monitor life-n-death,
If someone claims fall in love with her! Prematurely take breath;
Scare not of death! What shall it do by already dead in her love,
God resolute His Ordain be got implement lest world is foxglove;
Such beauties need not sit, but be seated on adorer’s eye lashes,
Entity decapitate, liver sift and hundreds razor on heart in slash;
Zaffar in hibernation, suspended animation or Vagal Inhibition,
Too profession to fall in love by Sidra in death lest rehabilitation.


Does God repent ( God forbid ) fating me having merger of soul,
Bound soul through my own death Sidra! Pulls very leaf soul fly;
Whirlpool in deep valley of sleep under anesthesia, ignorance,
Life’s total mourn less than one sustain with deity by tolerance;
God Verdicts, “Whoever sends on earth, my sculpture, but Sidra?
All human are identical if good deed, beauty tilted, but Cleopatra”
Cleopatra and Bath Sheba an iota of Sidra barely be called lovely,
Later the “goddess-of-smile” and custodian of love delivers cutely;
Wee hours yerternight, noor (light) woke me up where upon I saw,
My fated fairy near bed blink eyes in depth of my heart akin draw;
Beautiful and sumptuous green yellow shoes on voluptuous feet,
Your unique beauty on one side and playoffs feet other side treat;”
Wear rosy dopata/scarf by same colour match embodied sleeves,
Converse me with mesmerizing smile during brim of red lips eves;
I utter, “My love is true to destroy your lipstick and not mascara,”
“Aware of your selfless worship love, Zaffar I’m too in love aqua;
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, only you appreciate as fated,
You love is true and moral worship, no other soul keep updated;”
“I have come from all the way Kaba to assure you of my overlook,
In predestined souls “Age Complexities “play no role, but do meet,
When that time is determined by God keep me for you not cheat.