When a patient confronted with death unless proved otherwise,

Thorough examination yield nothing though check system-wise;

Explorative Laparatomy is the task to know an abdominal cause,

Abdominal incision from Xiphisternam to Symphasis Pubis draws;

During operative procedure fluid intake and/or blood is maintain,

Dying Declaration as in Medico-legal cases! Rich patient property,

Delivers Will, in visible case patient death, Zaffar no opportunity;

Transformed into poet under the flux of “goddess-of-smile” love,

“Testamentary Capacity evaluates?” Poet by 400 poems foxglove;

Love fall be fatal disease, “Fish without water!” Toss on with pain,

 Never in history tried nexus Exploratory Laparatomy, heart rain;

Lovaria leads to Euthanasia as confront with a constant ignorance,

Why forget the Ordain of god fated two souls merge be tolerance;

Tolerance doesn’t denote an absolute blockage of fairy comeback,

Worship is the name given to blending of two and not be off-track;

Compatibility is divine mandatory adjustment across vast cleavage,

To end in the Writ of the God both have to merge along by leverage;

Jacqueline K widow John F Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis her husband,

Ship tycoon rein the world of oceans over all countries in thousands;

Billionaire charity donor attract like magnet elegant fashion beauty,

Vested with glamour, voluptuousness, lusciousness and fickle cutie;

Where stands Zaffar vis-à-vis Sidra the custodian of death by a drop,

Godly permit leaves bear by luck! Unless go get drop, Israel be flop;

 Not Infidel the Zaffar is to consign an Euthanasia believes in thrash,

Ought not mislay hope be prerogative of God and he is puppet rash;

 Promise me Sidra to lay a floral wrath on my grave when I depart life,

Was sincere from core of heart under an Oath before God while strife.   


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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