What a life! Around the clock, play melody with note of Sidra,

Most beautiful queen of Egypt wished be Sidra within Cleopatra;

God made a Sculpture by His own hands as originator beauty,

From all angle it Chandeliers alluring smile and cluster of cutie;

Voluptuous lips back up to smile away through beaded teeth,

Rhomb origin, none other human ever had, love is ensheathe;

 Houbara Bustards moan loudly seek neck of my beloved deity,

Zaffar worships her as principal virgin love fated in luck satiety;

Utters censored words with patience, tolerance and politeness,

 Eyes disclosing being loved by genuine most adorer in harness;

Most cowards a man is! Loves a woman, but not intend it true,

Lust whirlpool his mind as no beast would dare its female brew;

One never knows one’s limit but for push himself ahead boldly,

Tardy age enthusiasts love with no courage to coherent amply;

God fix no criterion of plunge in love based on cleavage of ages,

Two souls ought be merged as a unit through divinity in cages;

Spot on love is treasurer not akin to status and pose in society,

Few glimpse and wander away taking it a twinkle of lightening,

Zaffar like born by fated love  avail it, but stick with frightening;

Never been a superstitions antonym realistic, care for worship,

Hardly ever gone lack fearless, fall in love craft in him tear ship;

Confront by love storm on Zoom and when recover lost entity,

 Not the alike person enter world of Zoom! Devoid of certainty;

 What the storm all about, transform entity into maimed heart,

Bowing tame in the flux of beloved deity theretofore was smart;

Females must not made-up equal to males as God bent from rib,

 Of Adam (AS), bent mix of mud, sand and water written by nib;

 Focus I on dominant delight as active as first time a eyes union,

 At the altar of my heart, not present in my chest, but delusion;

Magical synchronized beauty meant for her fated soul by surge,

Doomsday shall never come unless until both fated souls merge;

Cosmos pivot around Sidra the “goddess-of-smile” of mine fated,

Ignorance travels ill meant for me, smile left stern and uprooted.    




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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