Who for one seek life! Happen to see God’s home from here,

Refulgent in a smile of my beloved “goddess-of-smile” there;

Islam’s needed organ Hajj dominant part during life, religion, 

Hajj stood performs in Purgatory! Should not take a tension;

Why to repeat it as fashion pageant to get white color pink,

Colour of lips of deity alluring smile endow with love drink;

Heart left my chest plant in “Suspended Animation” satiety,

Shine is because of moon and not twinkling stars by variety;

Seek pardon for all sins base on inadvertence as not nature,

To fall in love is misconstrue, Sidra I too am fated creature; 

No sin fall in love with sweet live goddess as no criteria age,

If age un-construe would have been shot long ago out cage;

When a horse become ill-assorted by life is taken to haunt,

Protect Cruelty against Animal is vest by prerogative grant;

God reckon Almighty! Not afford Ordain, two souls merge,

Ought to meet on all fours abruptly time not barrier surge;

There be no basis as to why we stay apart with soul wander,

Blackout unification of fated souls careless of status wonder;

Afford not to ourselves known a separate cleavage of entity,

Can you refute our nexus of transfuse us to mingle certainty;

God is custodian of our foolproof merger why worry world,

Names shall not be archived!  Carve Guinness tome Herald;

Amalgamation shall be unique way of life, you shall reckon,

Need not to forget our philosophy and dogma never shaken;

Nexus philosophies are to have share interface by signpost,

Intellectual skillful “goddess-of-smile” by unique cute host;

Must not to repeat that two soul’s linchpin fated be happen,

Accept what once printed for us! Never go waste fate stun;

By fidelity and sincerity we found God thereto ought honor,

How long be ignored? Someday, our alliance, nay my alter.     




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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