May I have the privilege to share you on “Polical Enigma!!” I consider you the crusader of uprightness, straightforwardness, honest, incorruptible and full of conscience.


Only Sidra Iqbal on PTV fulfills yours criteria and standard, as last night on her I wrote,” Wished your hands were not clenched by dint of assignments on PTv! Will you be able to bring in Minhaj-ul-Quran incidence? After a pause, Mr. Mazhar was saying about failure of Punjab Government and found Mr. Nehal Singh of PML-N done to mum with no substantive defense, but to beat about the bushes.

Like you, Sidra got established person-of-substance with all quality mentioned for you above. Last night, in her programme,”Insight”


  BRAVO SIDRA!!!    


Coming back to share sustainability of politics in Punjab in particular and center in general: Punjab was/is the only terrain in whole of Subcontinent vested with broadmindedness, openhearted, yield mingling  with invaders and crushing own people. Whenever, invaders attacked India through Punjab, they found most conducive and alluring putting garland around their necks; not noose of gallows. When defeated, they would take invaders as VIP guests and see them off by providing most beautiful and sex appealing Sallam Allah Tauula Anho Hassan Nisar Sb.

                                                                     females as their spouse.

Socrates 407Bc, when took brimful Hemlock, poison, to finish his life than live pimp, now transpires that Punjab was in his purview. As according to his laid down parameter, “Principles-of-humanity!” With context to Politics whereby all menials were prohibited entering politics qua “Horse-shoe-Makers,” “Donkey-shoe-Makers,” cobblers, carpenters, gardeners, barbers, vendors and all minor skilled professions. At that time, “Horse=shoe-Makers” in collusion with “Donkey-shoe-Makers “along junk of menial cronies put Socrates in gaol. His best friend maneuvered his foolproof escape from gaol, but he refused and sad “If I resort to corruption and illegal means, then wahat difference remain between me and rulers!!!!” Took the poison happily!!


Present rulers at the helm of affairs in Pakistan and Punjab were earlier ousted twice, but did not learn from their mistakes. Had the Army not coerced upon taking action against miscreants, the rulers would have remained daddy cool. For loss of lives and property, ibid rulers be tried in Terrorist Court through speedy trail and put to gallows, For the background, not hidden, “Horse/donkey-shoe-Makers” were introduced by Gen Gillani to Gen Zia as best tamed clan of “Brain-n-hoofs” eater vested with “Donkey-Brain” to used as stooges. Elder brother proved good, but your one, “Showbaz-in-Chief” proved his identity of having fed on “Crow’s Brain” in hierarchy. A masterminded of “Police Encounters,” usurper of valid and invalid claims, grabber of private/public land and behaving as born dictator!!!!

What did he do at Minhaj-ul-Quran, bypass bloodshed of Halagu Khan and Genghis Khan’s era, just short of construction of Pyramid made from human skull? Has be short of criteria, chastity and dignity of Mr. Lal Bahadar Shastari, who was railway minister when train accident took place due to gangman/signalman’s fault, but he resigned forthwith. After the death of Mr. Jawaher Lal Nehru, he was chosen as Prime Minister of India…reward!!!!!

“Police Hounds” have gone more loyal than the “Showbaz-in-Chief???” All the bureaucrats chosen by him are an amalgam of pimps, corrupt, massagers, yes sirs and suppliers of all commodities live or material.     

Are the chest. Head and necks of mothers, sisters and daughters target for self defense???? Why barrier be removed? When their own barriers are intact, mushroom model town. Why 3million compensation for mothers, when for MQM only Rs/-2lac?

Boots noise is being listened of “Triple Brigade” to eliminate them instead of an ouster!!


Dr Zaffar Bukhari.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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