How dare I declare on an Oath before God ,”Sidra dame I love you,

Our fated souls wander abysmally in limbo ought be fixed by glue;

Confronted with culpable status all vulnerable to captivity in gaol,

 Habitual, since adolescence days on love, fructified never my goal;

Separate by cleavage of infinitive “Light Years,”thy lives  yond skies,

Visions pierce the barrier “Light Years” meet us on zoom stifle eyes;

Thy not akin to bright light, lives beneath Chandelier no faded plan,

Human coerced to live obedient to will of “Horse-shoe-Maker” clan;

8pm create us partway as light gone , who knows ensue tomorrow,

 And day after tomorrow! Rob adorer of “Smile” nib bone marrow;

 Souls do wander till arrive within a mutual flux, gladly intermingle,

 No socio-economical and age barrier stops blend merger as mingle;

Sidra catch winged white horse, fix horse shoe by valid blacksmiths,

 Alas! Clan left inborn shill business by maneuvering to ruling mirth,

Socrates bar entry of “Horse-shoe-Maker, “cobblers enter assembly,

Carpenter, barber, Gardner, vendors and cooks all nexus as  shakily;

 As make an ember politics! No Tsunami and a calamity to scavenge,

Enough to perish Nation taking callous, brutal and ruthless revenge;

Socrates 407 BC refused fail-safe escape jail so his principles survive,

Cover under mud of ignorance, deceit and vanish, one day be revive;

Prefer brimful cup of hemlock, a fatal poison in one sip and a breath,

 Zaffar! Ego, self-respect are relative terms never hang back in vogue,

Sidra reckon piety of a morality and valid character, can’t face rogue;

Fell in captivity of “Horse-shoe-maker” ruling elites , assign by zoom,

No one, but Prophets (PBUT) vest with messiah! Adorer face gloom;

Sidra dwells in my heart ask God, any modify in leave drop schedule,

God alter a luck, life and death thereto Sidra, “goddess-of-smile rule;

“Hear-n-Say” heart buzz for early on leave fall coz of my Sidra’s love,

Deity Sidra reckon messiah lodge rebirth as elite play game foxglove.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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