Inner core enshrouded by live charred in incineration,

My love stay intact and rest of life story no estimation;

Messiah in Sidra never burns as an angel is bent by fire,

Devil disobey an Ordain to bend before Adam went dire;

Zaffar’s ash held in one hand and soul at the brim of lips,

Messiah ride cherub from sky to sky to land on zoom flip;

I don’t care! Fame, credentials and irrelevant wealth, but,

I’m under an Oath to comply by an Ordained, least a rut;

 Where you live, distinctly know of Purgatory your home,

If  you are billionaire irrelevant  me, your smile my dome;

Confront by desolate eyes, distinctly get shed tears, eyes,

Wee hours! Sun rises from the sky and dawn nexus flies;

Nature wrapped in glistening white cotton flowers shine,

Alluring innocent deity seldom forgotten, in theory mine;

 Lucy era gone, so doe’s rose-petals! “goddess-of- smile,”

Leave aside all the qualities, can’t deny her civilised style;

 Deeds never perish! Recast on Doomsday, grasp weave,

Never hurt anyone as God and Sidra dwell with perceive;

Adore “goddess-of-smile” an angel, messiah and courier,

Of God sent on the earth after prophet (PBUH) enclosure;

Idols are stone-hearted as devoid of heart though naive,

Sculpture of God is living star smile throughout as brave;

 When shall I die? Tell me dear Sidra! when you drop leaf,

My luck line tattooed in it, my whole fate written in brief;

Dawn gone in your seek to remind you of our fated souls,

 Yield not knowledge of biased rather clear lest be moles;

 Nature ever docile to Will of God, with your negotiation,

Have veto to drop my “Life-leaf” as your ignorance slay,

Not physically, distinctly vigor has made me an old relay;

God and goddess of “angel-of-smile” never discriminate,

Sinner in Zaffar does have heart to throb flush not spate;

Do honour an Ordain of God seek merger of souls as one,

 Before I leave for good, messiah must do Will be done.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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