Seldom, we acknowledge the vital role of father in groom,

Without whom our career during polish of behavior doom;

No one can riot against Ordain of God making Eve superior,

Adam bent from an blend of mud, water and sand-inferior;

Eve born from the “Rib-of-Adam”  as initial made creature,

God Verdict, “Bliss lies under the feet of mother!”- Teacher;

Inferior remain as negligible evade the Divinity of the God,

Forget that all women are mother, sister and daughter Hod;

Play bullying daughter of the Eve by loss of chastity as man,

Care not honour, dignity, fame and chastity of father’s clan;

 Pounce upon like hungry Hina on left over’s bones by lion,

Did a father, though illiterate, teach such lessons of arson;

Mother teaches soothing with poultice of love in a rhyme,

Never expected that offshoot shall be robber by full crime;

Father spends each trivial penny raise by sweat and blood,

Offshoots drain it out scrupulously as booty flowing flood;

When father brought a pen having nib to script the lesson,

It got fructified by producing an intellectual lot not treason;

Nib trade by latest scientific triumph as marker and felt tip,

 Effect of an education got packed down through tall brick;

When blood relation rebirth to “White Blood” instead red,

It is felony to expect from unreal relations gone overhead;

He is survivor of family by income dart from pillar to post,

Forgo each and every speck of fat and bread/bread roast,

A canopy or hut or house or posh bungalow as per takings,

Branch dispense with all earning into an ashes by breaking; 

When refused by mother! Catch from father fiscal benefits,

Repaid by throw parents in an “Old Age Home” lest deficit;

In their greed, lust, and seductive nefarious activities task,

Taking parents as burden on earth qua shoulders not mask;

Neighbors, friends and strangers volunteers their shoulders,

To carry, once blue eyed one, into grave as mind  holders;

Burial ceremonies carried out as childless leaving for good,

What kids! Made weep the sky befall red with blood hood; 

“What did father do?” A great burden! Wish be fatherless,  

Above all, better would have be Amoeba and motherless;          

Forget, “As you sow, so shall you reap!” Law of life eternal,

Getting backlasher in own kids, be taken parent as external;

Son taking live corpse of father to get him drown in a canal,

Taking him near dead due to cough attack capture lost pal;

 Fragile voice, “Dear son! Don’t throw me here, I threw my,

Father, lest your son reap you same and say you good bye;”

Sidra knows out of us, whose “Life Leaf” gets dropped first,

If your first then I shall stand fated remain full of love thirst;

Zaffar is in row before Sidra to notify his fate in her hands,

Selfless worshipper is commodity in orphanage not brands.   


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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