One wee hour! Saw divinity writing something in twilight,

Rubbing my eyes, found thy engaged in paper shine bright;

Quagmire, concussion, besides lack wail, moan and scream,

Aah! Magnum opus sculpture of God! My brain lost cream;

Ditto copy of “goddess-of-smile,” use smile a beam of light,

Alluring personality, voluptuous lips and avoid word tight; 

Bilateral dimples, more prominent on right check and task,

Luscious indentation middle of chin, Mental Foramen spark;

Told, “Am an angel  tally ‘certify list’ of  survival sheet drop,

Nosily I said,” Is it not duty of Sidra-tul-Muntaha to graph?”

“I am her Cherub for ride from skies to earth and universe,”

Her viceroy to scroll and renew an Ordain by ideal success;”

Inquisitively, said I, “May I know my turn, leaf drop exact?”

“I am not allowed to announce if ordered so by her! She’ll,

Not do so strictly in harmony with “Divine Oath and Will;”

I, “We’re in love with eachother!” “No she’ll put to gallows,

 Don’t claim so!” I, “Love her sure, by her permit of allows,”

“Does she retain lovers list? If so, you’ll get my name  atop,

If case she denies! Include my name atop, “Life Leaf” drop;

 “Without her cease of an ignorance, still well versed data,

Getting selflessly loved by me ruthlessly and aware, strata;

 Life remains hung-up on gallows coz fine, own conscience,

Now of tardy age, obdurate love has made me unconscious;

“What is criterion for leave drop out of turn in an exigency?

He replied,”Behavious is taken as basic solitary unit signify,

01; beauty/handsome obtain one 0 make 10 added pacify;

Becomes 10, an extra 0 for wealth qua 100 add up by Zero,

 In victim of unilateral love with divinity fetch 0 not hero;

 1000 marks ample to review of leaf drop by Almighty God,”

I, “Do convey my memo to my messiah to drop early leaf,”

 Without her response, my life-fish lacking water, do belief;

 Call me her Purgatory face-to-face on way to burning hell,

Apprise her of my die-heat love with request her love tell;”

Our breaths mutually stop and task as she is my goddess,

Palpations of our hearts be by common point in harness;”

Sycophancy leave equilateral shining teeth is itself unique,

 Gladiator where fail! Her angelic beauty starts its physique.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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