Throw something into the sky, falls back on skull vault atop,
Chase gravitational rule of earth 32ft/second/second a flop;
Express love with Sidra who linchpin close end of purgatory,
Akins adorers! Before a Medical Board to evaluate integrity;
If sane or insane via falling in love with death, mercy killing,
Never stir by beauty, lust, love and greed get entity drilling;
Fell victim of “Smile” in divinity, Ordain union of fated soul,
Elf doesn’t stay elf and Zaffar not Zaffar, both unite whole;
At tardy age people forever fall in bow, seek God’s pardon,
Infidel succumb before “Sidra Star,” his love fructify action;
Vested by data of gravitational force seeing as premedical,
During M.B;B.S and practice maintain truthful Dr medical;
Conversant with mission impossible as she lives away mile,
Char outer core dreary, covert melt in “Love Furnace” smile;
Infidel often taken to scaffold thereto pebbling with stones,
Mansoor, the saint, gibbet for fall in love God be real clone;
Zaffar next victim for stoning coz fall in love by “Sidra Star,’
Body scared in irk in dune of sand desert, no “Polar Star;”
“Polar Star” a guide for lost way seek aim study tread mark,
“Sidra Star” helps to globe afar complex of stars not stark;
Untying for my part from rest of mankind by firm sincerity,
“White-Collared “ fell in love by haughty eyes, punctuality;
Had it been criteria! No virtuous lover face foul collapse,
Variation of age created by not God wouldn’t bear relapse;
The more one assume, dare not utter love a divine Ordain,
Mother suckles not unless child cries! Love bear an abstain;
I am fiscal dark, shall never be beyond “White Collar” man,
Love is game, “Wealth Cards” lest suffer untold stereo clan;
God Will! Union not impracticable and fusion as single unit,
Throughout be interlacing this world and a divine bracelet.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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