Imagine not Sidra! Love squeeze and blend heart, soul and mind,

Entity alter to “Living Vegetable” and heart beyblade in a  grind;

Thy’s smile shall be tender innovation and diagnostic of my life,

My last breath shall be stopped for good when very smile strife;

Where has that smile gone! Conquering my virgin heart all four,

Survive an Open Cardiac Surgery, in sickbay fourteen days snore;

Aortic Valve of heart stenosis by blockage 78.2%, life not viable!

God Ordain union of fated souls, survive me afar morsel reliable;

Predestined souls did meet, but at odds by cleavage of the ages,

When God Wills must be enclosed into an eternal relations into cages;

When smile is on ice, diagnosed with ‘facial coercion’ not getting hide,

Sight of smile by “goddess-of-smile” boosters my love with fairy pride;

Sighted “Sidra Star” through ‘ceiling zoom’ devoid of any smile a yield,

 Stood assaulted with festering pangs, heart sway to and fro by wield;

 Pragmatism is relative complex nay does simple like we often take it,

Misdiagnosed on face-value backfire shockingly , gone be God’s Writ;

Treat such cases, though not indulge in private practice, near success,

As Dr himself suffers then treatment lies in dropping life-leave recess;

Medical Sciences fail to hunt any Polio like Vaccine for love out dated,

Prognosis always obedient to goddess worship recipient of love rated;

Philosopher ended natural study to find remedy curing love complex,

Often misnomer lust as love the game of merry making inside duplex;

Always I pray to have my death Sidra not to partway leaving me dead,

Met for the first time on Zoom, one behind Zoom and next now read;

Happen not to spend time in strange love like things joint pang breed;

Love be not denied, once fall into on very first occasion lest go waste,

Not a honey available in market to buy it and lick it to know the taste;

Implied promise in world of love is always played with game of cards,

Exact of nonunion in this world but shall be remember archive record.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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