Trust root cause of all flare-ups, breach results trench,

Trust made of a sharp double edged razor not brunch;

Incremental beat up on it causes it’s cutting end blunt,

Faith keep on sharpen it to survive lest expose to stunt;

I find hundreds of razors cut Jugular Vein lack retort,

Truth is to our conducive moments are mutual resort;

Lover give blanket and smile goddess  implied consent,

Love to the extent of selfless worship is beaten by reset;

Rebound by vital distress and unhappy short of fulfill,

Bring moon and stars in her lap through jump uphill;

 Brain center for smiling relics eternally, yet in gloom,

Smile can craft a Heaven from Hell confer life a bloom;

Zaffar’s intellect is only receiver on the earth from core,

Awareness, potency and insight gift by smile extempore;

Born to smile through dropping “life leaf” from the tree,

Next to Prophets (PBUT) in grade, Messiah convey free;

I have failed penetrate her secret core, but am reckoned,

A bold crusader goes down the stream of love slackened;

Aesthetic ethics  born with me akin to share sentiments,

Compassion an instinct of human being, find resentment;

Ego stood lost in infinity, succumb to “goddess-of-smile,” 

At the mercy of her decree, age hedge repulse her a mile;

Two eyes on either side join into duality of a third option,

Keep smiling to resuscitate my fragile heart and the lung,

You’re messiah! Worship you ceaselessly lack any slung;

 Affiliation is for all times good or bad, my life with you,

To take soul out satiety your ego, my life useless till glue;

We born to finally die, but life cleavage meek to a society,

Jealous of us! By dint of “odd couple”  with a age reality;

 Enshrined within rules and mores, let we break barrier,

Such hardship invite heartburn going amuck use terrier;

You can demolish the bad omen fence linchpin by wiser,

If not of the standard enroll me as naïve pupil and arbor.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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