Subsist flexible when on earth, your job live intention,

Bahadar Shah Zaffar, Mughal empire met resignation;

Deprived of two meter grave in his own country India,

Rotten in Rangoon, Burma, fate of monarch be contra;

Dr Bukhari nexus name Zaffar how can triumph Sidra,

Amalgamation deem constructive coz Ordain of Allah;

Never acquainted with tough words, but tolerate zoom,

Undeclared Halagu and Genghis Khan broaden gloom;  

Invariably confront with bald and grey hair ugly boost,

One pretend hero of movie exhibit acting traits loosed;

Valid question is drag into exhibition dispute prolong,

Reiterated, check-mate to give chance to others prong;

Decidedly, stereotype zoom mercenary indulge wrong;

One of them a “laughing syndrome” set to movie shoot,

Self decree “business tycoon” forgets status silhouette;

Bravo! Don’t let pain loose tolerance, for me ignorance,

Fate! I admit have tardy age by young heart tolerance;

Though not akin, enmity may not steal your sweetness,

Diversity of opinion confront, you stay cool bitterness;

Take covert pride not overt lest public be jealous of you,

Elderly person by twelve year old heart no right to glue;

Worshipper regularly go to Temple, you’re my live idol,

Who call a love! It is invariably tragedy never two souls,

Ever met! Kings can afford love and white-collar’s goal;

Never you have rest, roam from pillar to post, no time,

To see you on zoom, but get you live in my hear rhyme;

I worry within wastage of time lack impact by change,    

Who cares for destined souls union God get us arrange;

Never afford shoplifting you joyfulness as love you dear,

Can you deny not be in my “love flux, “our love clear;

 Never be someone who judges a selfless and pious love,

Rare in current era as merry-n-max are lust foxglove;

Have entered by no next time, nuts and second chance,

Nay likely to seduce your heart. Luck beyblade glance.  




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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