Sparkle! Sparkle “Sidra Star” my messiah living infinitive,

Wonder! How God Ordain union of our fated souls definite;

None can change fate once written, how stood destined, Will,

No position to counter an ignorance of my deity lest be chill;

Serenity be not access for inertly endure, but stare response,

All is fine that ends well is just saying, or else, satiety glance;

Judge oneself  lest one is evaluate, how to contrive tardy age,

None can rebuke more than one’s own scruples gaol in cage;  

Stand panicky for moment when white-collar have backlash,

Unblemished career, fame and chastity lest erase by a bash;

Adore live than Idol in the temples worshiped, mine eternal,

Forgiveness is privilege of “goddess-of-smile” rest me annul;

Struggle from pillar to post, how defeat light years to meet,

Own shadow has left me alone in life, never aware of cheat;

Zaffar ought not reveal blatantly falling in love with Sidra,

People may curse (God forbid) fating for me! Ordain Allah;

A graceful, beautiful and have an ocean of allure eyes speak,

Queen from Chechnya smiling in dead sole! Blossom cheek;

Ignorance nexus “Say forgives to beggar!” Lovers have fate,

There can be no severe scolding than ignorance, ask no rate;

When confronted by “Ignorance Silence!” rebuff option left,

Non union tatters Ordain of God! Lover to bear fester cleft;  

Obey the Ordain as Mohd (PBUH) married Ayesha in teen,

Forty five years younger than Prophet (PBUH) no lust keen;

Creating divine stricture as Sunnah Rasool (PBUH) binding,

Are we not Muslim? Does it not related to purgatory riding;

After Prophet (PBUH) Buraq be for Sidra fly with moment,

Backfire words of Sidra be “pedestal razor” reflect torment;

What do? Love by now thrown into ambiance lack an ozone,

Conscious of claim of my godly love as saw on zoom horizon.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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