Two predetermined souls meet coz blessing of God,

Superimposing blade as command master, fact hard;

Failure be not allowed to prevail heart in fester stiff,

Life is progressive fertilization not an amoeba tariff;

Chances signal as fated by God lest miss, kiss wound,

Man when exasperate mutates to lethal grey hound;

Time, tide, words and emotion await none, be  Sidra,

Kings seen quit throne to flux in love Ordain Allah;

Relations yield evolution if availed in time and adore,

White-collar often confront by false chastity restore;

Arrow once leave bow made with sixteen pair teeth,

Where words fail, smile defeat heart nay a beneath;

Make hey while sunshine! Love the synonym of sun,

Don’t let it enter in tears dark night, heart feel run;

Knew not at the age of seek pardon through prayer,

Shall fall in love by “goddess-of-smile!” Beauty rare;

Intuitional-love based on neat ultra violet rays done,

Only lover vis-à-vis adored are aware as eye’s truth,

Outside zoom each act transformed into live speak,

Being screen covertly in heart to brain by red beak;

Matching her colour blend to life birds and flowers,

Above a smile never seen on earth to pierce by burrs;

Pity age! Would have yelled, “I love you! Love you!”

Eyes disclose her being in love by me endorse smile,

Nights malformed into scratchy days deity still mile;

Institutional love prompted amid Khawaja Fareed,

The theorist, saint, lyricist and social critic not read;

Went for being enrolled as divine pupil with master,

Also great “Sufi Saint” famous divinity by life alter;

Baba Fareed entrusted a mission of “Buffalo Graze”  

He goes to his master saint, told to have love upraise;

As he was nowhere near love! Love speaks with eyes,

Posse by Sidra’s flux by adore “deity-of-smile” sighs;

Many years after again went, but told love was raw,

Forget the world all together! Love to have a straw;  

Anon went and await call of master, outside cottage,

Told to get in! Fareed yell “Interlock of horn rage;”

Master, “Get inside my cottage by force!” He enters,

Master stand dead by soul, already achieve cinders;

Divinely, Fareed crowned by acquired quality saint,

True love not meek to age, dear Sidra, but restraint;

I’m in track of Fareed’s master, you’ll see me dead,

Repentance live beyblade you lacking Zaffar’s fled;

Miss you to be worshipped selfless, but you’re afraid,

From world give you nothing, but thankless fraud.     


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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