Since my childhood in a conscientious and adolescent in general,

Confront amongst question for the sake of inquiry bias internal;

Who came original an egg or a fowl or  both exist remain enigma,

 Nexus robbers detained a passerby for steal from and found nil,

Felt offend! Said, “We shall kill you unless you answer lest you till;”

“Give you a new concluding question, if fail again no option but kill,

The lion deliver  an egg or cubs, lest your viscera thrown away spill;

Never know that he be a saint on a keep going an obligation divine,

Suddenly, Sidra on Cherubs came to a rescue , affirm defy in ravine;

Sidra “Tell them that lion is full of strength it depends on its option,

Deliver an egg or the cubs since its deem own willpower, no arson;”

Knowledge has conquered the “Moon, Mars plus other planets” flux,

A reckoned scientific in a seminar transformed to bad tasteful reflux;

Genetic Ph-D Scientist in acute tardy age, honored draw close forth,

“Tell me, if “Y” chromosome came first or “X” or the declare both?”

Fish Market came into high jinks through hue and howl straightway,

I held, “Adam (AS) was born earlier than Eve born from rib, no way;”

He yelled,”Dr Bukhari! Converse as scientist? Don’t depend on Islam!”

I replied, “We are not Infidels as Islam is guideline lack not a qualm;”

Foreign presenter feel under a “Canopy-of-Refuge” by dint my logic,

Conference went on smooth, except trivial vivid, unto 6pm strategic.




Inner core enshrouded by live charred in incineration,

My love stay intact and rest of life story no estimation;

Messiah in Sidra never burns as an angel is bent by fire,

Devil disobey an Ordain to bend before Adam went dire;

Zaffar’s ash held in one hand and soul at the brim of lips,

Messiah ride cherub from sky to sky to land on zoom flip;

I don’t care! Fame, credentials and irrelevant wealth, but,

I’m under an Oath to comply by an Ordained, least a rut;

 Where you live, distinctly know of Purgatory your home,

If  you are billionaire irrelevant  me, your smile my dome;

Confront by desolate eyes, distinctly get shed tears, eyes,

Wee hours! Sun rises from the sky and dawn nexus flies;

Nature wrapped in glistening white cotton flowers shine,

Alluring innocent deity seldom forgotten, in theory mine;

 Lucy era gone, so doe’s rose-petals! “goddess-of- smile,”

Leave aside all the qualities, can’t deny her civilised style;

 Deeds never perish! Recast on Doomsday, grasp weave,

Never hurt anyone as God and Sidra dwell with perceive;

Adore “goddess-of-smile” an angel, messiah and courier,

Of God sent on the earth after prophet (PBUH) enclosure;

Idols are stone-hearted as devoid of heart though naive,

Sculpture of God is living star smile throughout as brave;

 When shall I die? Tell me dear Sidra! when you drop leaf,

My luck line tattooed in it, my whole fate written in brief;

Dawn gone in your seek to remind you of our fated souls,

 Yield not knowledge of biased rather clear lest be moles;

 Nature ever docile to Will of God, with your negotiation,

Have veto to drop my “Life-leaf” as your ignorance slay,

Not physically, distinctly vigor has made me an old relay;

God and goddess of “angel-of-smile” never discriminate,

Sinner in Zaffar does have heart to throb flush not spate;

Do honour an Ordain of God seek merger of souls as one,

 Before I leave for good, messiah must do Will be done.


Seldom, we acknowledge the vital role of father in groom,

Without whom our career during polish of behavior doom;

No one can riot against Ordain of God making Eve superior,

Adam bent from an blend of mud, water and sand-inferior;

Eve born from the “Rib-of-Adam”  as initial made creature,

God Verdict, “Bliss lies under the feet of mother!”- Teacher;

Inferior remain as negligible evade the Divinity of the God,

Forget that all women are mother, sister and daughter Hod;

Play bullying daughter of the Eve by loss of chastity as man,

Care not honour, dignity, fame and chastity of father’s clan;

 Pounce upon like hungry Hina on left over’s bones by lion,

Did a father, though illiterate, teach such lessons of arson;

Mother teaches soothing with poultice of love in a rhyme,

Never expected that offshoot shall be robber by full crime;

Father spends each trivial penny raise by sweat and blood,

Offshoots drain it out scrupulously as booty flowing flood;

When father brought a pen having nib to script the lesson,

It got fructified by producing an intellectual lot not treason;

Nib trade by latest scientific triumph as marker and felt tip,

 Effect of an education got packed down through tall brick;

When blood relation rebirth to “White Blood” instead red,

It is felony to expect from unreal relations gone overhead;

He is survivor of family by income dart from pillar to post,

Forgo each and every speck of fat and bread/bread roast,

A canopy or hut or house or posh bungalow as per takings,

Branch dispense with all earning into an ashes by breaking; 

When refused by mother! Catch from father fiscal benefits,

Repaid by throw parents in an “Old Age Home” lest deficit;

In their greed, lust, and seductive nefarious activities task,

Taking parents as burden on earth qua shoulders not mask;

Neighbors, friends and strangers volunteers their shoulders,

To carry, once blue eyed one, into grave as mind  holders;

Burial ceremonies carried out as childless leaving for good,

What kids! Made weep the sky befall red with blood hood; 

“What did father do?” A great burden! Wish be fatherless,  

Above all, better would have be Amoeba and motherless;          

Forget, “As you sow, so shall you reap!” Law of life eternal,

Getting backlasher in own kids, be taken parent as external;

Son taking live corpse of father to get him drown in a canal,

Taking him near dead due to cough attack capture lost pal;

 Fragile voice, “Dear son! Don’t throw me here, I threw my,

Father, lest your son reap you same and say you good bye;”

Sidra knows out of us, whose “Life Leaf” gets dropped first,

If your first then I shall stand fated remain full of love thirst;

Zaffar is in row before Sidra to notify his fate in her hands,

Selfless worshipper is commodity in orphanage not brands.   



Aerospace Scientist failed to trace a planet beacon intellectual,

Precursor of intellectual responsible for scholarly into a sensual;

Both moons dittoed mirror image on right and left lancet arch,

By a cleavage in-between, gorgeous semicircles lean outmarch;

Prophet Mohd (PBUH) as preaching Islam in Mecca, but Infidel,

Objected the origin of Islam! He (PBUH) point a finger on moon,

Be the 14th of lunar month well in allure and bloom broke soon;   

Looking broken above a mountain as detach entity subsequent,

Reunited as one integral part, but Infidel deny it declare recent;

Act of flux of mesmerism and not affect of divinity and spiritual,

 Coincident, In Kerala South of Mumbai, a Hindu Raja saw ritual;

Break of Moon into two pieces, fall on right and left uncouthly,

Thereto reunite as one, enquired from wiser the miracle agree;

Raja was told, “It was miracle priest of some religion in Arabia,

 Raja sent his son on trip to enquire into the matter not Siberia;

He accepted Islam and became Muslim thereto father did same,

Thereto two follower of Islam come with Raja’s son lack blame;

Since then God Pragmatic incidence onto “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,”

Vest with “Precursor Planet on Intellectual” as Ordained, Allah;

Transform into moon lancet eyebrows lower part of forehead,

Central cleave part shine as 14th Lunar day taper out allure bed;’

Mirror image curving down laterally as of Gravitational of earth,

Cater voguish, gazelle, hazelnut and an oceanic eyes-love berth;

Sidra’s lips taken from “Queen Rose” by crystal of allure teeth,

Enhance mesmerism of lethal smile killing emotions ensheathe;

She is divinely called “goddess-of-Intellect, “I  a victim, worship,

Have no access to utter my love and remain in fear of tear ship;

Who could imagine Ordain knot merge with Zaffar be a human;

She “goddess-of-smile” in this world as messiah, Order be done;

 Sure to win over heart, soul and brain with a confidence of her,

Her adorer since annals! Get old shall gather her, by “Age Slur.”



One wee hour! Saw divinity writing something in twilight,

Rubbing my eyes, found thy engaged in paper shine bright;

Quagmire, concussion, besides lack wail, moan and scream,

Aah! Magnum opus sculpture of God! My brain lost cream;

Ditto copy of “goddess-of-smile,” use smile a beam of light,

Alluring personality, voluptuous lips and avoid word tight; 

Bilateral dimples, more prominent on right check and task,

Luscious indentation middle of chin, Mental Foramen spark;

Told, “Am an angel  tally ‘certify list’ of  survival sheet drop,

Nosily I said,” Is it not duty of Sidra-tul-Muntaha to graph?”

“I am her Cherub for ride from skies to earth and universe,”

Her viceroy to scroll and renew an Ordain by ideal success;”

Inquisitively, said I, “May I know my turn, leaf drop exact?”

“I am not allowed to announce if ordered so by her! She’ll,

Not do so strictly in harmony with “Divine Oath and Will;”

I, “We’re in love with eachother!” “No she’ll put to gallows,

 Don’t claim so!” I, “Love her sure, by her permit of allows,”

“Does she retain lovers list? If so, you’ll get my name  atop,

If case she denies! Include my name atop, “Life Leaf” drop;

 “Without her cease of an ignorance, still well versed data,

Getting selflessly loved by me ruthlessly and aware, strata;

 Life remains hung-up on gallows coz fine, own conscience,

Now of tardy age, obdurate love has made me unconscious;

“What is criterion for leave drop out of turn in an exigency?

He replied,”Behavious is taken as basic solitary unit signify,

01; beauty/handsome obtain one 0 make 10 added pacify;

Becomes 10, an extra 0 for wealth qua 100 add up by Zero,

 In victim of unilateral love with divinity fetch 0 not hero;

 1000 marks ample to review of leaf drop by Almighty God,”

I, “Do convey my memo to my messiah to drop early leaf,”

 Without her response, my life-fish lacking water, do belief;

 Call me her Purgatory face-to-face on way to burning hell,

Apprise her of my die-heat love with request her love tell;”

Our breaths mutually stop and task as she is my goddess,

Palpations of our hearts be by common point in harness;”

Sycophancy leave equilateral shining teeth is itself unique,

 Gladiator where fail! Her angelic beauty starts its physique.


Throw something into the sky, falls back on skull vault atop,
Chase gravitational rule of earth 32ft/second/second a flop;
Express love with Sidra who linchpin close end of purgatory,
Akins adorers! Before a Medical Board to evaluate integrity;
If sane or insane via falling in love with death, mercy killing,
Never stir by beauty, lust, love and greed get entity drilling;
Fell victim of “Smile” in divinity, Ordain union of fated soul,
Elf doesn’t stay elf and Zaffar not Zaffar, both unite whole;
At tardy age people forever fall in bow, seek God’s pardon,
Infidel succumb before “Sidra Star,” his love fructify action;
Vested by data of gravitational force seeing as premedical,
During M.B;B.S and practice maintain truthful Dr medical;
Conversant with mission impossible as she lives away mile,
Char outer core dreary, covert melt in “Love Furnace” smile;
Infidel often taken to scaffold thereto pebbling with stones,
Mansoor, the saint, gibbet for fall in love God be real clone;
Zaffar next victim for stoning coz fall in love by “Sidra Star,’
Body scared in irk in dune of sand desert, no “Polar Star;”
“Polar Star” a guide for lost way seek aim study tread mark,
“Sidra Star” helps to globe afar complex of stars not stark;
Untying for my part from rest of mankind by firm sincerity,
“White-Collared “ fell in love by haughty eyes, punctuality;
Had it been criteria! No virtuous lover face foul collapse,
Variation of age created by not God wouldn’t bear relapse;
The more one assume, dare not utter love a divine Ordain,
Mother suckles not unless child cries! Love bear an abstain;
I am fiscal dark, shall never be beyond “White Collar” man,
Love is game, “Wealth Cards” lest suffer untold stereo clan;
God Will! Union not impracticable and fusion as single unit,
Throughout be interlacing this world and a divine bracelet.


One that tease, besiege, pang, fester and make heart weep,

Forfeit such love! Entity alter in offbeat, lunatic only sweep;

 Slither from pillar to post in deserts endomed in dark night,

All stars blank! Or eyesight gone weedy, survival not bright;

Penetrating for tread, animal “Foot Prints” and “Polar Star,”

Suddenly appears “Chandelier-of-Smile” beacon “Sidra Star”

Aah! My destination, still far away! Shall I achieve is feasible,

No harm in trying through martyrdom, only soul be reachable;

Had Sidra not flashed “Beam-of-Smile,” I would have wander,

Her mercy divine proving her messiah nexus Khizer (AS) aider;

Obstacle divine in my way, to conclude my sacrificial worship,

 My crusade against odd hurdle get me strenuous by hardship;

Trust me deity that my adore is relating and way be not resist,

Nobody dares to fall in love by own “Angel-of-Death” persist;

Once I declare my divine love for “Sidra-tul-Muntaha” be end,

Death is inevitable! Better to die in lap of death by new trend;

One day she’ll grab the novel love, not ever animate in annals,

Shall be  pragmatic ruler of heart grant by Zaffar as his angels;

Be not judged through opinions of cronies, believe your heart,

Which neither speak a lie down nor betray nor wander smart;

We don’t come across eachother, but meant pathway reason,

 In the lap of death shall never moan as my care not a treason;

Thy above board to rival in pageant, such loveliness not born,

 A sculpture of beauty, grace, deity plus rest of the rival torn;

God did Make in free time by His own hands! Not created Eve,

Venus was goddess of beauty, wealth and health in perceive;

Only artistic in Greek mythology, but my goddess a Theology,

 Diagnosed in Medical & Pragmatic Science ,legend in Biology;

Youth dreams stood fructified, but age has betray or the luck?

For certain spotlight I never open the door of heart be pluck;

Never got heartbroken since reserved for my predictable soul,

When met! Neither distance nor age nor status match, I mole;

Have been taught to die by tolerance, patience and by smile,

My teacher lives far away and out of achieve in term of mile.


Imagine not Sidra! Love squeeze and blend heart, soul and mind,

Entity alter to “Living Vegetable” and heart beyblade in a  grind;

Thy’s smile shall be tender innovation and diagnostic of my life,

My last breath shall be stopped for good when very smile strife;

Where has that smile gone! Conquering my virgin heart all four,

Survive an Open Cardiac Surgery, in sickbay fourteen days snore;

Aortic Valve of heart stenosis by blockage 78.2%, life not viable!

God Ordain union of fated souls, survive me afar morsel reliable;

Predestined souls did meet, but at odds by cleavage of the ages,

When God Wills must be enclosed into an eternal relations into cages;

When smile is on ice, diagnosed with ‘facial coercion’ not getting hide,

Sight of smile by “goddess-of-smile” boosters my love with fairy pride;

Sighted “Sidra Star” through ‘ceiling zoom’ devoid of any smile a yield,

 Stood assaulted with festering pangs, heart sway to and fro by wield;

 Pragmatism is relative complex nay does simple like we often take it,

Misdiagnosed on face-value backfire shockingly , gone be God’s Writ;

Treat such cases, though not indulge in private practice, near success,

As Dr himself suffers then treatment lies in dropping life-leave recess;

Medical Sciences fail to hunt any Polio like Vaccine for love out dated,

Prognosis always obedient to goddess worship recipient of love rated;

Philosopher ended natural study to find remedy curing love complex,

Often misnomer lust as love the game of merry making inside duplex;

Always I pray to have my death Sidra not to partway leaving me dead,

Met for the first time on Zoom, one behind Zoom and next now read;

Happen not to spend time in strange love like things joint pang breed;

Love be not denied, once fall into on very first occasion lest go waste,

Not a honey available in market to buy it and lick it to know the taste;

Implied promise in world of love is always played with game of cards,

Exact of nonunion in this world but shall be remember archive record.


Love people who cared you during invisibility,

Near and dear go meager misplaced a reality;

Trust be Scorpio when raped, honey when repaid,

It remains a calculated risk, get endanger prepaid;

Unilateral trust befall an imposed life in captivity,

Tardy age! Two hands, one for identity reliability;

Other to aid each one on one’s own mirror image,

Trust once reposed “Blanket-Consent” slab ridge;

Saint Sidra was carrying a study as godly goddess,

Saw “Trust-Scorpio” getting drowned, in harness;

Helped it by taking out of water by sudden string,

By reflex got it drop again in water recur up bring;

Vicious cycle nonstop unabated, mystic just pass,

Yelled, “Hurl it away! As she was sitting on grass;

Nascent saint replied,” It is exhibiting it’s worth,

I am moving in  messiah-ship as Ordain, no girth;

“Honey Trust” is return in self-sacrificing manner,

Trust always is divine bond amid two never blur;

One health is lost, nothing is lost as recoverable,

In case of carnage of money, it is just retrievable;

 Fame and chastity loss is zilch, but culpable act,

State has its own course at snail pace just react;

Loss of trust is immoral crime in the court of God,

Who knows the punishment be real whips or rod;

How can I dare to utter my love be “Life-n-death”

Idea of love uttered  puts me in stoppage breath,





Confronted with uphill odd and logic, survive hope,

Throwing noose of rope into the sky never fetch lope;

Frenzy not a gateway to triumph but mental hospital,

Rebound ensuing hitting firing pin of bullet of pistol;

Light years far! “goddess-of-smile” chandelier bloom,

Zaffar in haunting desert find “Sidra Star” but gloom;

Deity’s ignorance of being loved indicate receipt love,

Volunteer one’s life to succumb before, not foxglove;

Annoying Victor alias Victory fall in love by messiah, 

In Jesus Christ epoch Victor awarded death sentence,

By pelting of stones, but was set free by a remittance;

 Messiah next to prophets! Sidra advised Jesus in ear,

He, “Those, not commit sin cast first stone be clear!

Victor set free at the advice of Messiah though sinner,

 Benefit of doubt outplay ordeal building him a winner;

   Victor, now, Zaffar fall in love by his own benefactor,

Apt to revival of stone sentence going sordid defector;

World of souls cause fated souls union irrespective age,

Both be confine unless merger of souls take place, cage;

Mighty curved forward implementation of His Ordain,

Once written in Heaven! No entity refuse divine sustain;                         

Time shall see miraculous result, I may depart for good,

Awaiting our blending on Doomsday as God Will Stood;

Struggle beyblade “Love Stories” live through berceuse,

Ensuing generation shall, “Union of souls  not excuse!”