Tardy age call for seeking unconditional pardon from God,

Merciful! Given this epoch to say prayers and be not fraud;

An amalgam of tender heart, live soul and perishable body,

Consumed in repentance before Lord do yield helpful hardy;

Epoch plunk addicted to uprightness, the first Alma Mater,

In the lap of mom (May Her Soul Be In Heaven), my Mater;

Dissociate with lie be confront with life and death selection,

No ego-specific affinity, fine deeds pragmatic not an election;   

“Life-n-death” in the hands of Sidra, monitor  leave go down,

Execute “life leave drop” irrespective of grow old play clown;

“Divine Cherry Tree” key actor at the near end of purgatory,

Cleavage in between, at farthest stop doomsday suppository;

In the Heaven supra tree bear, ”Strawberry Cherry Sweetie”  

The only food taken by,“Sidra-tul-Muntaha “ conclude cutie;

 Muslim voyage from far-flung for pilgrimage to Holy Kaba,

Zaffar pang trip to “goddess-of-smile” alias Sidra his Ha-ha;

His mournful nights blended by deep-rooted heave dark sigh,

Positively get shed tears, wee hours, time of  prayers, but cry;

 Nature wrapped in shiny white cotton yield remain in mind,

 The “goddess of smile” his messiah, loves from spirit blind;

Naive pious love, once fall in seldom gone with divinity Sidra,

Man wait holiness in core of heart, soul and mind sent, Allah;

Lucy and Vinnie era gone for Zaffar stand-in by his goddess,

Poets reign pre-era! I be in love of deity-of-smile is my truss;

Good deeds never parish, study through Sidra onto Heaven,

 Doomsday ought to get en-block weaver, no any nine eleven;

To hurt someone’s heart be liable crime in court of Almighty,

Every sin, one day get pardon via mountain-of-smile, righty;

Sixteen pairs of beaded teeth shine through voluptuous smile,

Only beholder get slated umpteen episode by an initial  mile;

 God lives in heart to next to Sidra to map an ouster, World,

 She’ll puppeteer the string of certain partway from Herald;

Humanity not be sarcast as was created by the God Himself,

Worship goddess natural in smile till one’s ceaseless partway,

Negative reciprocacity “Capsulated-in-Ignorance” pathway;

Islam bars worship of statue! Never touch chapter of Legend,

I knows Sidra is pragmatic and divine endless honest Regent.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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