Thought not! Myself be patient of love one day,

Used to treat “Love Victim” by once hit astray;

Soothing backfire being by defy medical betray,

Alas! Had not mocker grievance to have solstice;

Vested by an athletic figure youth full of bloom,

Often attacked by “Love Birds” by return gloom;

Blue-eyed fairies would sigh with fester of pang,

Zaffar judge untouched messiah, heart not rang;

Used to bear an overt boost, but coldly repulsed,

How far blondes go to clutch get me perplexed;

A sporty gait used be taken as an patrician king,

Beyblade, “stout youth rhyme!”Tardy out, ring;

Got settled, to have fated Waterloo short of fate,

Life never maim todate with cruelty, underrate;

Time passed, decades consumed peep in ceiling,

My life partner reckon double bed, stars reeling;

Happen to zoom “goddess-of-smile,” heart click,

Has it not too late? Life waver fester wound lick;

Mimic goddess of smile talking to me not guest,

Visual lingo pragmatic one end, other deem gust;

Illusion ransack me into her “smile flux” survive,

Never realised clutch in tardy age, open deprive;

In the depth of eyes an ocean lie, splendor idolize,

Vale of peace in her eyes and no other symbolize;

Volunteer be her slave as met my fated own soul,

When I innocently peep by smile, become a mole;

Eyes speak to reciprocate my love, but nervous,

“goddess-of-smile” in helm of ignorance porous;

 My heart stops when she closes eyes yet a smile,

Render me living vegetable as remain away mile;

Nature is beauty maxim utter wise philosopher,

Sunflowers smile on parameter of Sidra teacher;

Mighty has bestowed you with infinitive qualities,

Reckon update historian, theorist with realities; 

Champion of social justice, assail by social critic,

If called far calculate by renovate math predicts;

Vinnie! Name of magnum opus beauty and piety,

Created by God Himself akin Sculpture satiety;

Keep on seeing by calm satiety for a pilgrimage,

Where medicine fails, her cure begin a tutelage;

My life enter domain of entrust by a fragile age,

Sufficient to exist in self-suffered unlocked cage;

When shall you, Sidra collapse my life age leave?

 Lest route to euthanasia, Muslim be not believe;

God never destined us to linchpin at extreme end,

Cleavage nexus a rail track beneath train bend;

Age matters? Compatibility mother of invention,

Only share dealings by regret can relieve tension.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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