I lack Batool, paragon of virtues, how face God on Doomsday,

Survive reckoned “Amalgam-of-Sins” worship my deity all-day;

Sidra puppeteer through “leaf Drop” cord linchpin in my heart,

Jugular Vein tied to goddess-of-smile watch my love lest smart;

Chronic ignorance is diagnostic of her love by reciprocate flux,

Cleavage by one age bracket is heartburn in fall love by reflux;

Wish had born few decades later, her birth to abide by Ordain,

For want of mutual-o-reciprocal share interaction how sustain;

Thy fully cognizant of being loved noble disclose by eyes flicker,

Chance once missed of love merger advantage never on sticker;

Zoom (TV Screen) exhibit conscious of an eternal love bestowed,

Lack realisation that adorer already stood drown in eyes bode;

Zoom screen spacious awake through “Mirror Image” disclose

Suffer from “Love Pangs” coded into archive even than glows;

Reciprocating love to adorer depict up yield, but loath adopter,

Time, tide and noble love await none to save the closed chapter;

“Smile Philanthropy” alms all and sundry by abandoned effort,

Not for Zaffar! Who’s residual entity find bulldozed with blurt!

Creativity love meant for God and Prophets (PBUT) and a soul,

In human being when selfless, divine, holy lest felony be a mole;

Ibid wonderful, but there are times where sense and a makeup,

Sought pro worshiping the goddess-of-smile by reason take-up;

Eyes swap through visions be useless when heart remain blind,

One is coerced by two reason tearing self-ego and chastity grind;

Falling in love by anomalous goddess by cleavage of time hurdle,

Reciprocal tell  the love of God and Prophets (PBUT) preamble;

Second when gravely impair by “weapon of-ignorance” by deity,

Present love defer love of goddess-of-smile by Zaffar- honeybee.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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