Confident, it will throw moving deer up and fro amid shot,

Embryonic heart struck up in yawning love valley burn hot;

Pangs peak severely tender and mute, stun awfully in limbo,

Queen-of-Roses the “goddess-of-smile” by self curb rainbow;

For many a man heart is so hard! Enshrined in seduced lust,

Obscurity gateway to uphill task in “Love Book” lack trust;

Love is serious trade to be left in raw hands of white-collar,

True selfless worshipers are invariably hand-to-mouth dollar;

Quagmire all alone in the garb of mirage left with no option,

Seek hangout with “Sidra Star” to guide my fate not torsion;

An idol thrown from Heaven linchpin nearest end, cleavage,

Innocent soul fell in love by sign of death pull string peerage;

Hair mortal! Life gone grey my deserted village still far away,

Beyblade in trip, analogue of “Polar Star” don’t yield a way;

Since “Zoom” worship my divinity selfless and whole hearted,

Dreams said to settle pangs making soul mercenary boosted;

Luck destined through an Ordain shall get us one day meet,

The goddess shall repent not to avail Will of God yet sweet;

What a holy thought meeting cleavage’s extreme ends unite,

Irrespective of “life-leaf-drop” vis-à-vis custodian of life drop,

Time shall pass many a Zaffar’s shall leave for good by flop;

You are too rich Sidra that money can’t buy you undyingly,

Start of love never was fixed in you and take action fluently;

Sometimes pang to fade away to see that wail, moan and cry,

How fool I, when not respond love during life time, now fry; 

Endurance doesn’t connote an encouraging prognosis only,

Many a slips amid cup and lips, love never unilateral solely;

Here looking at the thorn to find conducive way onto the rose,

Not just a page, but an open page in print, oceanic ink prose;   

Until whole night rise of “Polar Star” then adjacent to Sidra,

An angel, “Who keeps record of leaf-drop after Ordain Allah.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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