Nation stood mirage to avert promised issues the basis of electioneering slogans of politicians!!!!! After usurping power, a U-turn has been taken in the garb of Commando Gen Musharraf. Decidedly, playing “Cat-n-Mouse” puppet show with string in the hands of politician’s elite at the helm of affairs enshrouded in Mr. Nawaz Sharif the ensuing “Amir-ul-Momineen,” the ambition which over threw his government earlier way, back Oct the 12th,1999. Besides, so many factors bringing down his monarchy in the garb of prime minister ship.                

Keeping in view 1. & 2. Ante, we arrive at primary focus accrued theretofore on Oct the 12th, 1999. Proceeding independent of ibid circumstance, the very melodrama of Musharraf induction falls to naught on all fours. 



                                                    SCIENTIFIC & LEGAL ASPECT THERETOFORE


                                              1. Cancer, invariably, is lethal disease, unless proved otherwise, prognosis is grave and only life factor becomes beacon. Primary focus is somewhere else and metastasis or secondaries are diagnosed on clinical, medical examination, through inspection and palpation, percussion; X-rays, CT-Scans. IMR and Pathological findings. A step is taken to eliminate the primary focus thereto the secondary’s are treated.

                                                 2. Legally, there exists a maxim, “While examining a case, all the circumstances are kept in mind. Judiciary is within “Judicial Norm” under Law thereto deliverance of justice. In one of the case of Federal Court of Pakistan, a full bench declared the judgment of High Court void ib initio, author judge Mr. Justice Rashid wrote:

                               In earlier bench of High Court Mr. Justice RA Kyani participated. Who theretofore has expressed his opinion of inclination to file an appeal in Federal Court, in his capacity as Solicitor of Punjab? Which create a suspicion of doubt in the mind of accused that justice is biased? Principles of Natural Justice demands that impugned judgment is declared void ib nitio as he (Mr. Kyani) participated thereto in Bench of high Court as declared void ib void and thereto the Superstructures constructed on void orders falls to naught.”

This Principle stood endorsed by subsequent judgment.

Ibid principles of Law stood strongly endorsed by August Supreme Court of Pakistan todate.

                                                   3. Law-of-Nature, when tributaries and appendages of a tree are affected otherwise, weakness, disease and in texture, then “Main- Trunk-of-Tree” is given cognisence and independent of that

Keeping in view the fact of law supra, a thorough enquiry is held to vindicate an innocent:  

                                            (i): The very coup be examined in latter and spirit. The prevailing shortfall in that era requires consideration.

                                          (ii): Why Supreme Court of Pakistan ransacked through stones thereto damaged in Honor, Prestige, Fame and Chastity? Coercing the Hon’ble chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah to flee for life bare-footed when he was occupying the Chair.

                                           (iii): Maneuvering of revolt in the Judiciary against their Boss. Role of money leaden brief case reaching Quetta, through world renowned Cardiologist, Dr Shahir Yar Sheikh and handing it over to Mr. J Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan to do the needful by ousting the Chief.

                                             (iv): Taking of advice on National affairs from Mr. I K Jugral, the Indian Prime Minister, even at odd hours through “Hot line.” Was Pakistan a colony of India?????????????????  

                                              (v): Telephonic sharing interaction of lovemaking, beside songs with sister of Feroze Khan and Sanjay Khan, the famous Bollywood personalities

                     Keeping in view 1. & 2. Ante, we arrive at primary focus accrued theretofore on Oct the 12th, 1999. Proceeding independent of ibid circumstance, the very melodrama of Musharraf induction falls to naught on all fours.  In Musharraf case cognisence ought to be given to act of Oct the 12th, decidedly not to Nov the 03rd, 2007.

                                                       4. Holy Jesus Christ was passing saw Musharraf be taken to Gallows in the form of death through pelting. He stopped the

throwing of stones and said, “Those of you! Who never committed a sin and crime should cast the first stone!!!” One by one all of them fled away from the “Stone Throwing Ceremony.”

5. Holy Cow Journalists: Scientific name of Journalism be “Sacred-Cow.” Is journalism the profession without “Journalism Code of qua PMDC, Eng Council and Bar Council?

                  Journalists part of Rulers: Which includes Mr. Suleiman Ghani on top of list followed by Mr. Ansar Abbasi, and Mr. Najam Sethi ( by dint of election spot fixing) and Rauf Kalasra ( anti Musharraf ) besides so many others on payroll?

               The second group, unbiased, consists of Mr. Hassan Nisar on top of crusaders followed by Mr. Haroon Rashid, Mr. Tallat Husain, Jawed Chaudhry and Mubashir Luqman (panged by collogue) on male side while on female side, Mst. Sidra Iqbal (goddess-of-smile), Mst Batool Rajput, Mst. Jasmine Manzoor (Upright), Mst. Reham Khan, Mst. Fereeha Idris, Mst. Sana Mirza, Mst. Maria Memon and Mst. Asma Sherazi etc.

Conduct?” All invariably have been divided into two groups. One more loyal than the king himself. Roaring on TV Talk Shows! Can there be registration for analyst? As medical, engineering and legal profession has got

                                                                   6. Lawyer community be vested with self controlled or otherwise, as the case may be, not jeopardizes inclinations of Superior Courts through Media Talk Show expressing judicious opinion not touching matter sub-judos.


                                                  Grievance Redressal:

 Please resort to issues as promised during election campaign lest masses bestow upon you Queen Marie fate, who said, “If they are hungry for want of loaf of bread, they should eat cake cake!”


                                                             JUSTICE DEMANDS: Musharraf be immediately set free to participate and cooperate in “Blank Scan” since Oct the 12th , 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dr Syed Muhammad Zaffar Bukhari.

M.B:B.S;  DMJ  ; DMRD/M-Phil Medical Radiology Diagnostic ;

Ph-D Forensic Science/ Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

(Under Progress)

Forensic Scientist/Medical Jurist.                                                    





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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