An amalgam, fester pangs transmute eternal foreseeable,

Messiah enwrought evergreen into smile, for me untenable;

People surround you, survive apparently excellent because ,

Your smile! Divine, pragmatic moreover a scholarly clause;

Courageous enough to avoid unlike weighing in term, lust,

Unaware! A goddess deputed for resuscitate finish off just;

Rotating of day into night is vicious cycle as the man born,

How to live outburst out of purview? When unit soul torn;

I close my eyes to arrive at the purgatory locate you there,

Alas! Whiffed-waffle, bathed in obsession, you’re nowhere;

All fine times to adore you embrace toward merely a zoom,

Scrutinize  mine simpleton fated for you not hang on gloom;

We shall merge into a entity position Ordain before you fly,

My positive worship of “goddess-of-smile” devotee to rely;

Affirmative loom positive headed for predestined union soul,

Ought to merge Sidra in case patch up an amalgam of mole;

If our relations assemble on half axiom deficient some yield,

Your job at nearest end of purgatory escort a danger wield;

How can I disobey “Law-of-Nature” when you are doomed,

Zaffar, none else, decidedly for him to have assistance bloom;

Once the “Storm-of-Nonunion” is larger than compatibility,

God come on earth to get glue our entity in absolute reality;

Struck amidst of whirlwind you’ll seek Zaffar be soul mate,

Regret for wastage of time shall lost by original avenue gate;

Confronted with gale thereto automatism of survive-manage,

Mutuality shall pour poultice of love to soothe once look rage;

Naive of fact as to when storm was over leaving you compose,

God’s Will gets complied with and theretofore Order dispose;

After the mixture of our souls, Batool shall be incremented,

Virtues shall enter our life as budding offshoots all identical,

Smiling by indentations in their cheeks called dimple clinical;

Linchpin in your divine uniqueness flare the humanity over,

Reputation search out beyond the scratched earth moreover;

Can you change people over and above Prophet (PBU,HIM),

Who shall cater fuel of Hell to bring it functional lack trim.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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