Ordain! Smile my exclusive prerogative, not share,

Worship hang about eternal, I adore through flare;

Green-eyed of my love’s smile by others cost my life,

Who doesn’t praise my feel tenderness, but ward off,

Beat direct conflict by God’s Ordain-negative graph;

Haven’t undergo poison treated tips of lots of thorn,

Entity, fame, chastity succumb to smile then reborn;

How doable! Lodge be king to crusade pyramid love,

Cede to “goddess-of-smile,“ seize from rule foxglove;

Got frenzied from pillar to post my fragile life!Sidra,

World is winning for trickery, not scared from Allah;

Pious adoration is simple confront amid expression,

But, it echoes sky tall, only recipient in depression;

Best pray Alma mater’s at home provided courage,

Best smile beacons at cleavage, but I fail get abridge;

Age doesn’t stuff! All depends on expression bravery,

Stood doomed in “Battle-of-Bravery” self treachery;

Took a bold stand on death bed hardly understood,

Storming my end with no friend and brotherhood;

People without pray be rich, pray always before God,

Not be rich, decidedly bestow me smile, never fraud;

Neither luck nor energy fructify in return capitulate,

Soul, mind, body and self cede by smile in articulate;

Wish no longer be decay abysmally in limbo for her,

Reciprocation buried with white collar’s fester slur;

Who dares avoid Ordain decision of the All Mighty,

Smile must to merge here, merge next world bloomy;

Difficult offbeat plunged me zoom “goddess-of-smile”

The more I flux into the more she runs away by mile;

Every fall of sweat and blood drop make me destined,

Negative synergy can’t overrule doomed predestined;

Each breath increment decline of age though barrier,

Holy prophets (PBUT) overruled age solved answer;

Lonesomeness is not having anyone share pang with,

Is having everyone with, but lack generation of grid.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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