Rose can’t survive without photosynthesis via light,

Blossom rejuvenate as of “Smile Synthesis” bright;

Sun mandatory prerequisite, so does smile of Sidra,

Fix near end, purgatory cleavage, Ordain by Allah,

Was brought from Heaven along with father Adam,

Whose offshoots tag along devil, thanks God seldom;

Like Adam my plantation consist of mud and water,

Deficiency meet with through balance by sand adder;

Good draught tolerant courtyard, roses viable in clay,

Chlorophyll is green pigment found in Cyan bacteria,

Synonym! Batool pro viability of man divine criteria;

Chloroplast of “Queen Rose” is original Greek word,

Refers to any one of a group closely related to water,

Man violated Divine norm as Ordain, manslaughter;

Chlorophyll meek to a soluble salt qua semi mixture,

Greenish pigment which contains molecule in texture;

That absorb light plus consumes energy to synthesize,

Carbohydrate from CO 2, not nexus a man victimize;

Greenish pigment contains morphyrin chime around,

Ring shaped molecules around which electron bound;

Free to migrate, use light energy convert to chemical,

Green color stuff of the roses fuse pigment botanical;

Absorbs with and large blue, to lesser degree in a red,

Crucial for making of carbohydrate is photosynthesis,

Traits of fetus in human evaluate by amino synthesis;

Roses derive bloom from “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,” smile,

Alias Sidra away from earth, distance infinitive mile;

Ordained mechanism on earth stand violated through,

By creature whose origin met repulsion of God slough;

Devil refuse to bow by Adam, made by His own God,

Satan given name for violating Ordain stand-in fraud;

Roses are sought when novel one is born in any family,

Any function lacking us is painstaking, resort blustery;

Flowers are humiliated through mutilation into petals,

Spread over soulless corpse silent witness relatives lull;

No mistake of us, buried along since covering of coffin,

Wrapped in hundreds mounds of ground muck apron;

Zaffar is not rose nor virtuous for Sidra as he leaves,

For good leave last, no one to wail plus moan believe;

Ought to go next to Sidra passing through purgatory,

She smiles for her adorer by wish owe her mandatory.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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