Glimpse or two guest I! Long tender night will pass,

God gifted me “goddess-of-smile, “luck tied by floss;

Queen rose secrets blossom under the flux of smile,

Beacon like polar star in the sky from infinitive mile;

Compatibility! Not meek to belated and budding age,

Predestined souls do merge on this earth within cage;

Crusade all during life for others protection of right,

Buff covert and overt irreparable failure lack bright;

No concept of love! Soothe tears reciprocity emotion,

Secret pangs inhabit in my heart next God’s notion;

Reluctantly sink in love, utter to goddess was brave, 

Surrender to be thrust somebody ignorant and naïve;

Full being put at stake, could face negative response,

Appraisal of inimitability of my goddess in a glance;

Automatism beyblade revere and adore by worship,

Fairy deserve it, never a favour while enter hardship;

Reveal bravery! Never dare so smart, thy beautiful,

Earth never idea of its inhabitant live smile dutiful;

 Broken world record of be dazzling and intellectual,

Voluptuous, luscious, spectacular and akin spiritual;

Every dawn shine all day along in a right not wrong,

May whom you love Sidra! Reciprocates not prong;

Realise my shortcomings am without unit of Batool,

Intact life devoted and got drowned in sin-whirlpool;

People who are ignorant of fall into love prefer sleep,

Freak me out from in depth valley of love lest weep;

Worship intellectual, inventive, emotional and divine,

Smile beacon a pointer pull me out of pangful ravine;

Standup by conscience for right no matter all alone,

Apologetic doesn’t vindicate of love-pang by cyclone;

Love monger is never short of greed lust and seduce,

Vest through deep craving, daze and chastity reduce;

 Enwrought in wasting of tender emotions to explain,

Bonafide of my divine love, Ordain boast me sustain;

Zaffar never fell prey to mistake, you also feel adore,

 Once say “No” then will have no one by love restore;

Conscious of our hearts beacon launch of a progress,

Share interaction one time availed never see regress.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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