Taxes remain in vogue in the name of lust, love and greed,

For better governance are binding, not on base of a breed;

Alas! Authorities exhibits “elephant teeth” trend in vogue,

One teeth of set for eating and the other one center rogue;

Maxim, “Woman, wealth and land” stay bone of contention,

Only in farming land in hierarchy keep divide not retention;

Entrepreneur had herald in handloom era and blacksmith,

Industry ought to devise substantive unit as base forthwith;

Landowner is confront by Usher ( Agriculture Tax) burden,

Aabyana ( charge for irrigation) lack water yet coerce dun;

Feudal like Zulfiqar Bhutto play havoc bring land reform,

Implement in simpleton province of Punjab, open hearted,   

Invaders well come, on defeat garlanded plus tied banded;

Enthusiastically yield to “Land Reforms” from time to time,

Admiring  fiddle Reformers in lullaby, berceuse and rhyme;

Slogan for bread, clothing and shelter! Cost divide country,

Five and a half points agreed, power chase base elementary;

Self finished “Civilian Chief Marshal Law Administrator,”

Broken “Geniuses Book of Record” as entity of Arbitrator;

Trodden backbone of Industry with evergreen agriculture,

Ordinary guy destitute of living and chastity eaten vulture;

Confiscate profitable industries to take revenge from owner,

Without laying substantive “Industrial Unit” akin planner;

Furnace used by “horse-shoe-maker” clan boast six labour,

A yardstick to divide number of laborer to have unit trailer;

Have extra built-up units over and above substantive need,

Snatched forthwith nexus synonym Land Reform in deed;

Shall be undying remedy whirlwind Pakistan’s poor masses,

Lest! Beware, beware! I shall rise from cinders by red hair,

Eat the men at the helm of affairs to scavenge, like wild air;

Dragon of Islam, Gen Zia cross breaded fertile result borne,

Twins, MQM and PML-N came in vogue, moral code torn;

After ill-fated air crash of Zia, only denture live to carnage,

MQM, upper jaw and PML-N the lower jaw, grind grudge;

Gen Musharraf who got rid of Nation from Prime minister,

Fond of taking advice from IK Jugral counter Indian adder;

Telephonic merry-max boom by sister of an Indian  actor,

Amir-ul-Momeneen in hierarchy, sole Pakistan’s collector;

Hoot not for innocent lives, detained airplane in desert sky,

Fuel nearly exhausted with option of land in India, what fly;

Musharraf indict out of positive revenge, humanity violate,

His mother facing inevitable fatality in Sharja, what a hate;

Third time premiership not in probable gross root change,

 Targeted election bulldozed, game of promises over range;

Income Tax levy personal maid reflexive to like and dislike,

Gigantic trade pay tax nexus coriander in camel mouth like;

 65% people do not pay taxes, 2,1 million illegal immigrant,

9,00,000 criminals lavish in 85 prisons are the tax detergent;

769 otherwise intellectual idiots in parliament are evaders,

One of Assoc Prof, once my junior, sent back form return,

Earlier submitted covering all aspects by zero money earn;

Objection pivoted upon number of dependents? He replied,

Ibid data were brought before Tax authorities as applied;

He still wonder, who the hell he missed qua form returned,

Fame and chastity of white collar ashes after cosmic burned.











About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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