It does hurt! Await the special day by successful pilgrimage,

My sprite faraway thumbs down where am I curse my image;

Reservations never suffered mental ailment damned unheard,

Humming akin to bee never keep soul free as love not a herald;

Blamed for alibi, justification protuberance not a step forward,

My desire is humble to an Ordain ought not move backward;

Craze countercoup thunder gale not in the streets always flow,

Launch the daybreak by admire God fating me for smile blow;

Death the guard of life, but obeys the doctrine of “Leaf drop,” 

Inevitable phenomenon go along with neonatal soul not a flop;

When hobgoblin ignores Law –of-Nature amid an assignments,

Backfires selfless, fated and divine adorer during resentments;

Who says happiness is vanish of troubles! Cope with the odd,

Heart in no way parrots as is unshakable surveillance of God;

Wished be a Falcon! Vested by determination to arrive at sky,

Heart speaks covertly, pangs and fester unabated, but not fly;

Age of maturity well define in Forensic Medicine, in love hurt,

Be an adulthood lack cleavage of age and marital status covert;

Love soughed and not doughed, jamming E-mail, love be overt;

A scholarly sprite can’t assume be a stone heart and a counter,

Adorer falls in clandestine fester of synonym police encounter;

Even say, “Hi” flair snatched as reprisal to love her as goddess,

Heard a king treats a king like a king! Wander me in aimless;

 Hard be a lover unilateral, yield in fairy and love like a horse,

You’re not in consistent with smile that nightmare me a corpse;

Not as look like in your divine, physical and scholarly weight,

Analogous to lower stratum of goofs within stereotype update;

Identical face of rental guest antagonize, brain anchorperson,

Akin to parrot speaks charged “His master Voice,” party spun;

Nonentity trouble self-contained adore and veneration Sidra,    

Unaware of sanctity of love beyblade in projection fame aura;

God sends someone care you selfless without your knowledge,

I cognisence Ordain! Fated soul in you, you lost in a cleavage;

A black cat is a cat, but every cat is not black is current voice,

A beautiful female sculpture is taken a one night enjoy choice;

Love ruined in archives of annals! Lust altered to love as she,

One who loves “goddess-of-smile” is taken as Zaffar only he;

Shall never forget the love thrust upon you by highly qualified,

Tardy age shall pierce you with repentance, why Dr nullified.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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