Life! Amalgam of “Dismay-n-Despair” flux a seed enwrought,

Groomed in love by “Love Lullaby” in mother’s lap brought;

Berceuse pivot around deity called, “goddess-of-smile” my fate,

Professional, commercial and barter not maintain me update;

Mother prayed,” Zaffar! You serve me noble with utmost love,

God shall give you better half  par quality mom, not foxglove;”

Thy full of smile with check dimple, prominent through laugh,

Did meet, compromised yet happened be none predestined soul,

Since followed by existence given covert pathological live mole;

Heard! God when Ordain unification of two fated souls merge,

Time facilitate make use of with separation and divorce surge;

Lord feel giving permission for severance of connubial couple,

Though serve disapproval yet acceptable for one more double;

Adam’s elder son Cain murdered brother Abel for female lust,

Breaching decree of normal history in death of unending trust;

Pierce through ceiling to search the stars peep by chunky sky,

Neither begin nor end nor continue life locate dreams, but  fly;

Mother’s beg victim of divine apathy be short of bearing fruit,

“Live-coal-heart” emit volleys of pangs overhang and uproot;

Nexus straw’s role in drowning! Zoom live my divine goddess,

Found smiling with mesmerizing entity, my part lack harness;

Dare not have a courage to propose of my love in case backlash,

Renowned intellectual, academician and Acumenship, no slash;

Nervously, just took a chance to have deliver oblique propose,

Attain my means of acquaintances, besides open Email despise;

Being Muslim vested with an orthodox firm faith to have her,

Naive of the entire status of my adore include marital one per;

“goddess-of-smile” vest with bilateral check dimples, want eyes, 

Only lover knows that where the God gifted dimples survives;

When Ordained male and female souls don’t meet as schedule,

Female gets reincarnation to merge with planned soul module;

Zaffar’s name be entered in Guinness-book-record for love fall,

With his own “Death-of-Angel” Sidra whose status is too tall;

Youthful blossom age, still tender to have match with her elder,

Whose soul is to be taken by her in due course since precursor,

Rest done by Izreil, angel-of-death take soul out as successor;

May be God sends both of them as destined to get amalgamate,

Male and Female roses: fertilize to sprout buds via a real mate.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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