Fashion is nothing, but divine craze sculpture linchpin in Sidra,

In free time by His own hands made excellent godly orchestra;

Symphony nor pit nor chamber orchestra; smile magnum opus,

Leave behind no worldly wise and blissful  qualities smile truss;

Angel altered, “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,” ”Divine berry Tree” form,

Alias Sidra blessed by an eternal “goddess-of-smile”  by reform;

Ensuing human sculptures, marvelous female creation of God,

Honeycomb lay down hair fall on front tap cleave widen broad;

Forehead synonym divine intellectual vase teach man outlook,

Eyes gorgeous, gazelle, hazelnut and sharp slice of mango hook;

Lip cleavage an art of divine sculpture to follow by generation,

“Bundle-of-Hiss”-heart conduction; “Bundle-of-Sidra” control,

Twelve pair of Nerves, Sixth Sense and Vagal sensitive protocol;

Lips voluptuous, mid upper lip hold “Bundle-of-Sidra” decree,

Release smile vest through tentacles predestined someday agree;

Earth dweller with male-female hasten to do index navigation;

Smile vest by collateral bundle branch to spread overall world,

Which shall not be defined in annals archive todate into Herald;

Iota of trivial smile spared from Sidra utilize, “smile mountain,”

Cleopatra, Ruth Sheba and manmade Mona Lisa yet to obtain;

Messianic effect in smile to mesmerize Zaffar falling flat in love,

Hardly anyone can sustain expressing guy’s love, rest foxglove;

Beaded shining teeth cut cord of “leaf drop” as precursor death,

Called precursor to act facilitate angel-of-death to stop breath;

Luscious long neck inherited in Houbara Bustard moan in sky,

Sumptuous part of figure alluring through lethal, not say bye;

Izreil AS) shall only takeaway soul from body when leaf drops,

Corpse remain silent with intact all senses, but speak get chops;

Adam(AS) made-up of mud, water and soul from Sidra’s image,

Adam on earth and Sidra linchpin by end of Purgatory abridge;    

Encyclopedia-of-Philosophy” fail to define  “goddess-of-smile,”

Full of gods and goddesses embody Roman Empire, not a guile;

Is felony! Your complaints, victim mentality and your whining,

All of Zaffar’s excuses never gotten him a single step, winning;

All his imaginings and goal are horses bring to a sluice to drink,

Labeled a nonsense patient under love effects of Delusion brink;

In danger of drag him in “Love Ocean” not resuscitate survival,

Sidra be not human, converse! Deity how to hug him by arrival.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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