Sky would not have fall had you? Pray, your own adorer,

   Whose sleep abrades by pang thorn of your data absorber?

   Never had a love incident in divinity, but with you conform,

 Conquered not by fairy! You brought me a love art reform;

    Used to kowtow remain more robust by yearning to be loved,

Don’t hassle myself fall in love by Sidra as ignorance shoved;

 An arrow release from ‘bow-of-eves’ not at all miss its target,

Life, when drag retrospective ease let go fruits vest me in anklet;                                   

 Sequelae launch of gigantic focus mean bilateral share contact,

Opportunity come once in one’s life, but miss backfire react;

No need gyrate tardy age since horse-n-man never grow old,

Rebuff topic how long one live rising old as it is purest gold;

Must never die down as man never go away from adulthood,

We’re born free from clutches of age, but fiscal Robin hood;

Mystery never comes alone, followed by up-downs see-n-saw,

Confidence stands enwrought overcoming uncalled live flaw;

Particularly in loving liaison since heart inflate by love pump,

“goddess-of-smile,” public figure hardly get goaded lest dump;

Who cares taking Zaffar on “love board” as Sidra is goddess,

Devoted to love in friend, Ordained amid undergo bareness;

 Life is, too, short to beyblade persuasion of one’s love pang,

Stretch out the brain be liable to “Chronic Syndrome” rang;

Dreams in heart must be crusaded since elusion not possible,

God knows pardon? He is doing deliver meet Sidra impossible;

Hard am I strike as regards to fetch my dreams come in reality,

Neither distrusting nor disbelieving my destiny by punctuality;

Passion misnomer linchpin my unit, push me away from adore,

Heart once kaput like glass shrapnel’s, scarcely revive restore;

Staying staunch love is not sustainable unless one in adulthood,

Tardy age span vests with high grade skill through to tolerate, 

Unappreciated by heart breakdown apparent living surrogate;

Impact mind among goodness amid your love may have yield,

Coercing upon to befall in your love is not victory, but weird.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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