A quantity of community owe to over mask weakness with pseudo valor,

One’s vested strength remind them of their weakness chunk of a parlor;

Allow not hold back your potency through hindrance of an individuality,

After all Cain’s distinctiveness are prevailing flow in blood of elite reality;

Socrates  “Governance Principles” laying criteria for ruler-com-monarch,

Forbidding lower class skill staff from entering politics lest yield starch;

“Academics in the garb of ‘Bureaucracy-Judicial’ be intellectual slaves,

Capabilities render their job to cement the ideological legitimacy in cave;

Besides, make stronger by cementum authentic city, fascist business class”,

Decidedly, snatch Nation, it’s wealth, and as tenant, as rum brimful glass;

Maneuvered foolproof escape from gaol by friend with safe passageway,

Socrates point-blank refused to escape instead Saudi Arabian terra firma,

Deny “Principles, “proven a Universal Truth in Pakistan as Scleroderma;

Took brimful cup of Hemlock poison instead of flee bare footed, country,

Throughout luxurious journey in  Royal plane had episodes of dysentery;

Alas! Socrates is born in Pakistan lest Halagu and Genghis Khans come,

Carnage and free Nation, “Monkey Barter” bury in own blood outcome;

 Sidra was sent on earth to lug renaissance in her domain as pr-messiah,

Vested with superlative beauty, cutey and composed nexus Mom Teresa;

Smile reflects “Smile Mountain” through garrison of dimples in cheeks,

Cleopatra, Ruth Sheba likewise manmade Mona Liza lack “Smile Peak;”

Thy reshape Nation, but highly educated gathering get academic benefits,

Fascist businessman, judiciary and bureaucrats are doomed in deficits’;

Let you smile, Sidra, change the world, prove not the other way round,

You’re the last expectation of to act revolutionist to renaissance around;

Wee hours! Zaffar had recurrent heart attack subservient to fester pang,

Heart aches! Resorted automatic playing cardinals, death chimes rang;

Stop breath certain, unless Sidra foregoes drop of “life-of-leaf’ decision,

Can Sidra absorb pity for one in accurate love amid her smile precision;

No will Could not avail Batool the paragon of virtues render me a sinner,

My sole property, 350 poems shall be right of Sidra the solitary winner.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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