Confident of my identity as to whom I am! People seldom admit,

What I am through; fall in love with Sidra is not a crime submit;

Never love myself, decidedly human sufferings to the best of facts,

Never opt “medical private practice” to drain pockets, no reacts;

Practice is an arrow dragging back from bow, pierce poor’s heart,

Money render medical profession buyable seniors going since smart;

Oath of Hippocrates stands doomed through sordid utter disregard,

Big snakes left eating small offshoots, taken over by medical doctor,

Crushing own budding juniors and not visiting ward while proctor;

Outdoors in hospitals seek visit of messiah, but to have bird eye view,

Maxim,”Dr next to God, present in Medical Ethics,” not purview;

Our days Profs., Assoc, Professors and Asst. Professor did have visit,

3rd, 4th and 5th M.B;B.S class be there and never imagine of a resist;

Now, Prof. are hardly visible and Assoc Prof. stopover occasionally,

Like a brothel-house hospitals run by nude pimps near fetch clients,

Open auction occur by put in the rate of medical prostitutes in garb,

Of medical senior professors exhibiting messiah-ship by razor sharp;

Assistant Prof. too make tracks untouchable commodity just for hunt,

Their own share of treasure from those starving loaf of bread shunt;

Sparing not their own brethren await them in delayed queue ordain,

Own medical college “Medical Alma Mater” educate the void brain;

Servant-in-Chief by eating “Brain-n-Hooves” has gone entire brute,

Governed by renowned Prof. Orthopedics, massage him in absolute;

Who himself was detained for investigation having connivance by,

To prove an alibi got admission for Ph-D to ward off genuine try;

Surely, often visit Osama-bin-Laden in Afghanistan for treatment,

Catch made jackal from “Paper Lion” vest by moral bereavement;

Overall system of pre-medial/intermediate configure is pick-n-chose,

To avert wrong role number confidential and central marking voice;

Contrary to Principles of edict lay by Hon. August Supreme Court,

 “No one be coerced to undergo same examination twice like robot;

Majority of intellectual get eliminate in 2nd exam in garb, entry test,

Might is right! Rest seek help using Academies to maneuver at rest;

Wealth the mother of all might supersedes ethics to achieve admit,

Intermediate merits lost and topper go mad, what viable be submit;

Board of Intermediate’s “Central Marking” criteria exist abandon,

Topper with flying colour merit real straightway reject by pardon;

Confront with medical students lack spelling of appear in subject,

For poor standard Dr! Teachers ought not be blamed, with object;

“Servant-in-Chief operate grant medical Service Structure of India,

Not out of milieu of “Hope-for-Peace,” your industry gains chroma.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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