How difficult! Thorny to get heart vacated from dweller,

One Ordained via destine godly soul in Jugular smeller;

Tragic part of life embark lying on worship of alive idol,

Not realising the carry in care for her predestined ordeal;

Unilateral idling is zilch, but adore by ring bells in temple,

Hitting head against carillon with bleeding pangs rumple;

Latest Scientific era transformed love into saleable barter,

Which was never agreed by God the Almighty as charter;

Never did He fixed falling in love the criteria based on age,

Mutual reciprocal sharing relations bonded in heart cage;

Not viable to fall in love by smiling death Damocles sword,

Only “Die-heart” can be akin, endorse fester pangs afford;

When shall you sprite! Realise the divine philosophy of love,

Rest of life vision in pseudo valley as victim of the foxglove;

Kings seen volunteering to forfeit the lust of worldly crown,

Queens, too leaving their throne for the love beggar clown;

What be done, both be nexus in edification with an intellect,

Disparity of stratum in status and age go to pick-n-opt select;

A white-collared tardy dwells in trash seeking his counterfeit,

Luck supersedes all ordained and predestined format forfeit;

Thy living in the heart of “Blue-beard” live in an Alhambra,

Zaffar run from pillar to post oddly pilgrimage to his Kaba,

Throughout odd life never run into alive “goddess-of-smile”

Residual life victim of ennui, heart play sordid game nay agile;

Remain ignorant of Batool as riches for a definite Doomsday,

Never hear of bloom by an iota petty blissful but gloom-day;

There is nothing too hard to get God bestowed life associate,

May spin in reluctance, fall in lap, ripe fruit lack dissociate;

Death is inevitable depends on drop of leave by smiling Sidra,

Life shall sigh beyblade in berceuse and rhyme like Orchestra.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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