All and sundry be in competition as 75million children lack,

Chance of school mandatory Alma Mater a bona fide track;

Number of feudal intentionally block education lest be at par,

Coaching be the “Basic Rights” Ordained by God have no bar;

Imparted education shall open up the eyes of education spruce,

Remind feudal of their bad deeds thereto penetrate into truce;

In Pakistan students of religious school have become intellect,

Remind selected ruler of their “sleaze and scavenger” dialect;

Taliban must not be hated, but be made live amid constitution,

Same cure give to Seraikistan, repair Bahawalpur State action;

Pothohar region never part of Punjab since annals, but grab,

Punjab within silhouette of Lahore & Gujranwala rest is stab;

What enshrines in Principles of Islam, Quran and Sunnat of,

Prophet Mohd(PBUH) is not followed but bribe rule thereof;

Once made a valid party! Why dispute not enter accelerated?

Innocent blood bath of poor masses plus  army be decelerated;

If impugned parley breached by Taliban? Squeeze the nidus.

Why to involve whole Nation by experience Rhisus Sardonisus;

Term used in Toxicology in the poisoning of stray dogs called,

“Kuchla” results in “Laughing Phase” nexus masses brawled;

Masses theretofore fall in “Opisthotonus” qua hyper extension,

With impeding of the breathing through suffocating retention;

Tip of head and toes touch flooring rest body arched upward,

Backbone vulnerable head for fractures, bow not downward;

Poor masses not being given stray dog poison, treat inhuman,

God born all contain animals as free dweller not closed lumen;

A “Messiah” urgently necessitated lest whole population dead,

Already continue living “Living Vegetable” deprived of bread;

Sidra stop voyage from pillar to post and drop “Life Leave”

Of those who are at the helm of affairs and divergent of belief;

Or cut the whole trunk of “Divine Cherry Tree” since mercy,

Humanbeing punished as to human! Animals are better-n-free.  

Uncle Sam could not send Pakistan to stone age era peril given,

Ruling choice in hierarchy clique worsened burning fire spun;

Sidra remains on “Academic Leisure” trips forgot Divine duty,

To drop “Life-Death-Leave” along with branch of elite acne;

Usurped power via an amalgam of intrigue of foreign agencies,

Chief Election Commissioner and foxy play CM, Punjab ease;

Batool scot free gone on zoom; no one agreeable to vanish sins,

Sins once made integral part of body never permit virtue wins.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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