Strength used to be an ornament of man to deliver justice,

Irrespective, rank, colour, cast, faith, gender and age axis;

Gladiators be prepared to fight lions at Altar of own lives,

Bodily potency was fool proof of manhood and not wives;

Venus the deity of beauty was beaconed for her celebrity,

Worshiped with sanctity though goddess-of-beauty glee;

No man allowed to defame, grab, seduce with preamble;

Chastity defaming declare heinous crime not a scramble;

Mental intellect consider signpost for ruler and not goof,

Could not protect one’s shoe the Alma Mater under roof;

Hercules quantum of male might be right as bind axiom,

Exhibitionism be not allowed, tranquil beacon ganglion;

Transvestism! Custom of present ear by symbolic clothes,

Stone age leaves surrogate by imaginary attire, live blows;    

Narcissism is self-complex when one is shy of an old age,

Tardiness of natural processing in life is intellect in cage;

Brainpower is deem to be okay of maturity prophet hood,

Prophet Mohd (PBUH) got it at forty year of epoch good;

Socrates laid “Principles-of-Life” in 469bc holds superior,

Took full cup of Hemlock, protect Principles lest inferior;  

There is no mention of male beautification a prerequisite,

For good authority skilled worker class barred requisite;

Grower, carpenter, blacksmith, and “Horse-shoe-Maker”,

Prohibited from reaching edict elite class lest riches taker;

Socrates rebirth in Pakistan find bad than take Hemlock,

Elite rulers play “see-n-saw” in Shakespeare’s Sherlock;

One shy of baldness seek save in wig and hair transplant,

How can run Nation with good governance but eggplant;

Cosmetics phony of hair from pig, dog, horse and pubic,  

God Ordained cosmetics, females; men waterloo rhombic;

Home’s drama transform ibid on pragmatic, but masses,

Deprived of necessities of life as nightmare met by tosses;

Taliban lodged crusade with friendly-hand of ruler brute,

Carnage who bring them to power by play Nero’s flute;

Negotiations with Constitution’s rapist synonym concede,

Only power and nothing else than Crown-chair by recede;

Call for Halagu & Genghis Khans arrival for overthrow,  

Shady and Cannibal! Not eat wealth, but blood up brow;

Gen Raheel Sharif  play vital job of messiah, delete rule,  

Bring judges, politicians and rulers son to gallows refuel;

Sidra not ready to cut the branch destined for Pakistan,

“Divine Cherry Tree” relics helpful for only Hindustan;

Batool the paragon of virtues stand extinguished in home,

Everybody in Pakistan forever worship Google Chrome.







About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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