Sidra! If you sit on a bench by affording me chance of heard in person,

Forget my white collar ship causing an barrier in our union not treason;

Only wealth mirage a glamour in your eyes, stand by false hallucination,

Who loves you selflessly from core of heart eternally falls in delusions;

By inclination, every facet shall be sort out as Ordained by God Himself,

You’re principal young renowned celebrity, I tardy poor survive myself;

Worthy of great obsession you’re universally loveable killing with smile,

Best is yet to come as “Time is a great prognosis,” I untouched by mile;

Time is apparently over for Zaffar who really loves you at his own cost,

It could be undone by you being curator of life and not the demise lost; 

My soul did wander elsewhere before we met on zoom, I tried to drag,

You from zoom, but in vain wondering as to how you can be mine tag;

I sure to ease my finish up in your court fetching me your compassion,

At times people shot to expose what gone wrong by you in depression;

Can’t digest what is right with you, Sidra, thereto fall in self Waterloo,

Battle remain ignited their inner core burning the outer ones and screw;

I inspire to be your benefactor of divine self-sacrificing love you deserve,

Studded with good ambiance and fortify your eternal smile preserver;

Don’t ever carry inadvertent mistake, stand exposed to code program,

Soul must to join by yours as Ordained by none other than God’s dam;

Scratching good from bad is privilege of messiah in you, happy in sad,

Deliver by good quality in exchange to pain make you grateful and glad;

Hatefulness in no way found in your smile tolerate mere by frowning,

Your beauty is a lot than women in periodical, smile never drowning;

You’re reckon loveliness enshrined in sparkling eyes with killed beam,  

Art of talk and chat not seen todate since annals studded smile extreme;

Make not only other , but adversary smile when gloomy anchorperson,

Beautiful deep in soul you’re as I peep and rest of humanity tear person;

Someday, my love shall coerce you to reciprocate through perfect sense,

Enjoy my confusion, smile by tears and no basis for love resolute hence.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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