How long terrorism be facilitated in the garb of impugned negotiations!!! What happened yesterday, March the 3rd, 2014? In Session Court in center of Islamabad martyring One Additional Session Judge and fairy blossoming lawyer, hardly twenty three years and running away of forty one police personnel’s including officers and officials contrary to claim of Interior Minister that Islamabad is qua G-8, where the massacre took place, is the hub of safe area. Why honorable ibid did not resign!!!!

 Inviting horror-struck elements on negotiation table! Reckons the stand of crusader of tyranny on all fours

as valid entities. Then question arise, as to with whom the dialogue is taking place? Pseudo Champions of Islam are

not united themselves and consists of uncountable groups. Nexus situation whereby Badu uprooted the monarchy in Saudi Arabia thereto usurped power todate.


 “Negotiations between two individuals were taking place leading to exchange of hot words and violence. One possessed with bear slapped the clean shaved in open public. Clean shaved yelled to slap him, if he could lest he, too, is reciprocated with slap. Bearded one again slapped him! The vicious cycle continued till recipient stood cleanly washed his fame and chastity.”Same negotiations are taking place between rulers at the helm of affairs and Taliban’s unabated creating “horror-chaos” in all part of country. Decidedly, Army too has been made a scapegoat to have martyrdom.


Unfortunately, Islamic history stand tanned with treason carried out by very Muslims through covert mushroom. Rulers playing the game of “see-n-saw” with their beautiful and alluring keeps in the garb of maid.

Before the peaceful dawn of Islam, Principles of Humanity laid down by Socrates 469bc were in vogue:

He was an orthodox and staunch believer of personal ego, self respect and high moral characters. He laid down a criterion of good governance to be followed by elite ruling class and the public (which holds good for Pakistan).

1. No skilled profession personnel be allowed to enter the ruling elites as their faculty is never developed to acquaint with ruling efficiencies lest complexities accrue. In this class he included barber, mason. Carpenter, blacksmith, tailor, farmer, laborer and “horse-shoe-makers”.

 2. Persons eating “Brain-n-Hooves” be not allowed to enter politics, what to talk of ruling class.

>By eating animal brain, human brain acquire the characteristic of animal qua unfit to be called man!

> Hoof and hooves is term used for donkey’s characteristics thereto no donkey can be treated as man!





Islamic renaissance was brought divinely by Holy Prophet, Mohammad (PBUH) in Arabian Land. Earlier, too, all prophets (PBUT) also brought in ibid land. Lethal bone of contention arose during the era of Hazrat Ali (RA), whereby he was confronted by Kharji’s meaning outsiders the circle of Islam. Martyrdom of Karbala took place thereby Imam Husain (RA) and his family had to undergo an altar of lives for exhibiting uprightness on all fours.

Tariq-bin-Ziad conquered the Spain through burning all the boats. He said, “We have burnt all the boats and can’t leave the land and ahead, we, have got enemies to fight till death or conqueror!!!” At terminal stage seven hundred years of Muslim rule, covert instigation was hallmark of governance.

In Indo-Pak Subcontinent, rulers concurrently ruled with traitors qua invasion thereto rule by East India Company.

King Siraj-ul-Doula resisted, but betrayed by traitor Mir Jaffer. Similarly, King Tipu Sultan betrayed by Mir Sadiq, to the extent that Cannons were filled with “Husk-balls” instead of ammunition.

In 1947, India was partitioned, creating Pakistan by the sole efforts of Quid-e-Azam; unfortunately, he died on road side in Karachi, where no ambulance was available. Blame game tans the then Prime minister, Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan, who martyred in Rawalpindi- blame game tanning Mr. Mumtaz Daultana.

In 1965 war between India and Pakistan, Gen Akhtar had conquered “Akhnur bridge” in area of Indian occupied Kashmir, said to be Jugular Vein of India, but Gen advancing was rescinded. Stands proven by Brig F. R. Khilji, the thick and close friend of my father since 2nd World War. Brig narrated, “During the ibid war, I loudly commanded the troops. On the other side, Maj Gen D’Cruz. Obviously not known to us. He recognized me from my voice. Showed an intention to meet eachother. Privately, we met with huge hug and love. He told me as to what happened to your Field Marshal Ayub? Why replace an advancing by Gen Yahya (Notorious Lt with drinks and womanizing, known “Bloody Marry-max in our 2nd world era.); in India there was all gloom for losing Kashmir!!!”         


Similarly, in 1971, Indo-Pak war it was planned that as a last resort, the Army of Pakistan from east Pakistan, shall penetrate the adjoining are of West Bengal of India. Through subsequent barter India shall quit East Pakistan, so does Pak army leaves West Bengal. Tiger Gen Niazi laid down arms before Gen Aurora (Once his (Niazi’s) subordinate during 2nd World War. Here again Gen Tikka Khan was called back!!!

Now, negotiations are being held between Ruling elites (Not Army) and Kharji’s Taliban. Government presenting before them cheek (not own but poor masses, innocent passerby, Para armed personnel and Armed personnel as shield before their cheeks.)

Amongst all peaceful army coups in Pakistan, Commando Gen Musharraf coup was validly justified with one gross mistake of ousting the ruling elite instead eliminating them; country would not have seen these days!!!

Ruling elite is playing the flute made up of, “Brain-n-Hooves” and Pakistan is burning with sky high flames by volatile fuel of corruption!!!!!!

Is there any messiah, Gen Sharif, to bring in Fire Extinguisher?

Lest, masses slogan, “Be aware! Be aware! We shall rise from ashes with red hair AND Eat the men like wild air!!!”

Dr Zaffar Bukhari,

Prof. & Head of Forensic Medicine & toxicology. Email:




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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