Ohh! Unbelievable, come again? happen last night-episode,

Colour combination through compare and contrast encode;

God took animal and birds to teach man of colour combine,

Plants, flowers and leaves stress an inventive colour ravine;

Parrot has red beak and green body with an allure of heart,

In fairy beak synonym lips and body figurative shirt smart;

Precursor beacon of beauty, glamour and pageant is Sidra,

Actual name “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,” life-leaf tune orchestra;

A “Divine Cherry Tree” linchpin nearest end of Purgatory,

Smile originated from her magic, suspend goad respiratory;

Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa to supersede smile,

Vested in Sidra by God in free time with Own Hands style;

Created Bath Sheba, Cleopatra on footing of Sidra goddess,

Greek mythology pivoted around god and goddess-bacchus;

Open eyes saw Sidra peep deep into my eyes via live zoom,

By surprise, I fell in beyblade of aspiration, life shed gloom;

Flux up into, eyes-in-eyes! Rub eyes to verify if was original,

Red background, red lipstick and green shirt, beacon lull;

Alma Mater of knowledge and intellectual spring the brain,

Vested academic fertility once dumped in brain impact rain;

Who shall deem such qualities in “Precursor-deity-Death”,

God destined two souls to merge, but impossible shibboleth;

One lies in Zaffar worldly and second naïve smile yardstick,

How dare conceited eyes peeped ardent to divine smile eyes,

Pray when I die! Sidra get part in funeral and upshot ayes;

Alas! Couldn’t mend sins substituted by Batool till for good,

Incinerated, thrown lost before vultures or put in box hood.  






About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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