Lifeline found nowhere, sunrise be devoid,

Sidra alarms “leaf-drop” declares love void;

Prey has bar end, except succumb to a drop,

How to live in an ignorant love meant for flop;

Love dwell at bottom ebb got no right to live,

In love with deity of smile! Not branch olive;

No way compromise oneself with divine deal,

Etiquette, moral and ethics be relatively reel;

Peon placed a brimful cup by hot boiling tea,

Noise of cup uneasy theme, left by Sidra she;

Abruptly! Hurricane gush the cavity of skull,

Could hear, however rest of senses cease scull;

Junior Assoc, Asst and Demo be heard quiver,

Lunged back into revolve chair, seek anchor;

Thunderstorm with hands clapping uprooted,

My lasting entity in the hands of not shouted;

Survival gone entrapped in “leaf-n-life” drop,

Angel of signal decease withhold my life flop;

A living vegetable superimposed itself on me,

Why was being resisted by goddess of smile ji;

When confronted by cooperation with ethics,

Morals defy “Principle’s-of-Socrates” cliques;

Cardiac Institute tolerated me for three days,

Life through “Prosthetic Aortic Valve” clays;

God has got me cross target crucial ten years,

Stated by Medical Science! Iota chance tiers;

Birds born in cage never akin, flyaway in Sky,

Love is divine bird with practical alter no bye;

Who dare say love be contagious and get pass,

Then it is lust, feminist greed and seduce toss;

Aware not idea of love if not have meet Sidra,

Throw me by hungry wolves close to vultures,

 Life lacking goddess-of-smile give me torture.

Dr Zaffar Bukhari,

M.B; B.S; DMJ; DMRD/M-Phil Medical Radiology Diagnostic; Ph-D, Forensic Sciences/ Forensic Medicine & Toxicology [under progress].

Email: syedzafar60@gmail,com

Personal Cell # +92 030 09 44 73 19





It does hurt! Await the special day by successful pilgrimage,

My sprite faraway thumbs down where am I curse my image;

Reservations never suffered mental ailment damned unheard,

Humming akin to bee never keep soul free as love not a herald;

Blamed for alibi, justification protuberance not a step forward,

My desire is humble to an Ordain ought not move backward;

Craze countercoup thunder gale not in the streets always flow,

Launch the daybreak by admire God fating me for smile blow;

Death the guard of life, but obeys the doctrine of “Leaf drop,” 

Inevitable phenomenon go along with neonatal soul not a flop;

When hobgoblin ignores Law –of-Nature amid an assignments,

Backfires selfless, fated and divine adorer during resentments;

Who says happiness is vanish of troubles! Cope with the odd,

Heart in no way parrots as is unshakable surveillance of God;

Wished be a Falcon! Vested by determination to arrive at sky,

Heart speaks covertly, pangs and fester unabated, but not fly;

Age of maturity well define in Forensic Medicine, in love hurt,

Be an adulthood lack cleavage of age and marital status covert;

Love soughed and not doughed, jamming E-mail, love be overt;

A scholarly sprite can’t assume be a stone heart and a counter,

Adorer falls in clandestine fester of synonym police encounter;

Even say, “Hi” flair snatched as reprisal to love her as goddess,

Heard a king treats a king like a king! Wander me in aimless;

 Hard be a lover unilateral, yield in fairy and love like a horse,

You’re not in consistent with smile that nightmare me a corpse;

Not as look like in your divine, physical and scholarly weight,

Analogous to lower stratum of goofs within stereotype update;

Identical face of rental guest antagonize, brain anchorperson,

Akin to parrot speaks charged “His master Voice,” party spun;

Nonentity trouble self-contained adore and veneration Sidra,    

Unaware of sanctity of love beyblade in projection fame aura;

God sends someone care you selfless without your knowledge,

I cognisence Ordain! Fated soul in you, you lost in a cleavage;

A black cat is a cat, but every cat is not black is current voice,

A beautiful female sculpture is taken a one night enjoy choice;

Love ruined in archives of annals! Lust altered to love as she,

One who loves “goddess-of-smile” is taken as Zaffar only he;

Shall never forget the love thrust upon you by highly qualified,

Tardy age shall pierce you with repentance, why Dr nullified.




Life! Amalgam of “Dismay-n-Despair” flux a seed enwrought,

Groomed in love by “Love Lullaby” in mother’s lap brought;

Berceuse pivot around deity called, “goddess-of-smile” my fate,

Professional, commercial and barter not maintain me update;

Mother prayed,” Zaffar! You serve me noble with utmost love,

God shall give you better half  par quality mom, not foxglove;”

Thy full of smile with check dimple, prominent through laugh,

Did meet, compromised yet happened be none predestined soul,

Since followed by existence given covert pathological live mole;

Heard! God when Ordain unification of two fated souls merge,

Time facilitate make use of with separation and divorce surge;

Lord feel giving permission for severance of connubial couple,

Though serve disapproval yet acceptable for one more double;

Adam’s elder son Cain murdered brother Abel for female lust,

Breaching decree of normal history in death of unending trust;

Pierce through ceiling to search the stars peep by chunky sky,

Neither begin nor end nor continue life locate dreams, but  fly;

Mother’s beg victim of divine apathy be short of bearing fruit,

“Live-coal-heart” emit volleys of pangs overhang and uproot;

Nexus straw’s role in drowning! Zoom live my divine goddess,

Found smiling with mesmerizing entity, my part lack harness;

Dare not have a courage to propose of my love in case backlash,

Renowned intellectual, academician and Acumenship, no slash;

Nervously, just took a chance to have deliver oblique propose,

Attain my means of acquaintances, besides open Email despise;

Being Muslim vested with an orthodox firm faith to have her,

Naive of the entire status of my adore include marital one per;

“goddess-of-smile” vest with bilateral check dimples, want eyes, 

Only lover knows that where the God gifted dimples survives;

When Ordained male and female souls don’t meet as schedule,

Female gets reincarnation to merge with planned soul module;

Zaffar’s name be entered in Guinness-book-record for love fall,

With his own “Death-of-Angel” Sidra whose status is too tall;

Youthful blossom age, still tender to have match with her elder,

Whose soul is to be taken by her in due course since precursor,

Rest done by Izreil, angel-of-death take soul out as successor;

May be God sends both of them as destined to get amalgamate,

Male and Female roses: fertilize to sprout buds via a real mate.



Fashion is nothing, but divine craze sculpture linchpin in Sidra,

In free time by His own hands made excellent godly orchestra;

Symphony nor pit nor chamber orchestra; smile magnum opus,

Leave behind no worldly wise and blissful  qualities smile truss;

Angel altered, “Sidra-tul-Muntaha,” ”Divine berry Tree” form,

Alias Sidra blessed by an eternal “goddess-of-smile”  by reform;

Ensuing human sculptures, marvelous female creation of God,

Honeycomb lay down hair fall on front tap cleave widen broad;

Forehead synonym divine intellectual vase teach man outlook,

Eyes gorgeous, gazelle, hazelnut and sharp slice of mango hook;

Lip cleavage an art of divine sculpture to follow by generation,

“Bundle-of-Hiss”-heart conduction; “Bundle-of-Sidra” control,

Twelve pair of Nerves, Sixth Sense and Vagal sensitive protocol;

Lips voluptuous, mid upper lip hold “Bundle-of-Sidra” decree,

Release smile vest through tentacles predestined someday agree;

Earth dweller with male-female hasten to do index navigation;

Smile vest by collateral bundle branch to spread overall world,

Which shall not be defined in annals archive todate into Herald;

Iota of trivial smile spared from Sidra utilize, “smile mountain,”

Cleopatra, Ruth Sheba and manmade Mona Lisa yet to obtain;

Messianic effect in smile to mesmerize Zaffar falling flat in love,

Hardly anyone can sustain expressing guy’s love, rest foxglove;

Beaded shining teeth cut cord of “leaf drop” as precursor death,

Called precursor to act facilitate angel-of-death to stop breath;

Luscious long neck inherited in Houbara Bustard moan in sky,

Sumptuous part of figure alluring through lethal, not say bye;

Izreil AS) shall only takeaway soul from body when leaf drops,

Corpse remain silent with intact all senses, but speak get chops;

Adam(AS) made-up of mud, water and soul from Sidra’s image,

Adam on earth and Sidra linchpin by end of Purgatory abridge;    

Encyclopedia-of-Philosophy” fail to define  “goddess-of-smile,”

Full of gods and goddesses embody Roman Empire, not a guile;

Is felony! Your complaints, victim mentality and your whining,

All of Zaffar’s excuses never gotten him a single step, winning;

All his imaginings and goal are horses bring to a sluice to drink,

Labeled a nonsense patient under love effects of Delusion brink;

In danger of drag him in “Love Ocean” not resuscitate survival,

Sidra be not human, converse! Deity how to hug him by arrival.




   Sky would not have fall had you? Pray, your own adorer,

   Whose sleep abrades by pang thorn of your data absorber?

   Never had a love incident in divinity, but with you conform,

 Conquered not by fairy! You brought me a love art reform;

    Used to kowtow remain more robust by yearning to be loved,

Don’t hassle myself fall in love by Sidra as ignorance shoved;

 An arrow release from ‘bow-of-eves’ not at all miss its target,

Life, when drag retrospective ease let go fruits vest me in anklet;                                   

 Sequelae launch of gigantic focus mean bilateral share contact,

Opportunity come once in one’s life, but miss backfire react;

No need gyrate tardy age since horse-n-man never grow old,

Rebuff topic how long one live rising old as it is purest gold;

Must never die down as man never go away from adulthood,

We’re born free from clutches of age, but fiscal Robin hood;

Mystery never comes alone, followed by up-downs see-n-saw,

Confidence stands enwrought overcoming uncalled live flaw;

Particularly in loving liaison since heart inflate by love pump,

“goddess-of-smile,” public figure hardly get goaded lest dump;

Who cares taking Zaffar on “love board” as Sidra is goddess,

Devoted to love in friend, Ordained amid undergo bareness;

 Life is, too, short to beyblade persuasion of one’s love pang,

Stretch out the brain be liable to “Chronic Syndrome” rang;

Dreams in heart must be crusaded since elusion not possible,

God knows pardon? He is doing deliver meet Sidra impossible;

Hard am I strike as regards to fetch my dreams come in reality,

Neither distrusting nor disbelieving my destiny by punctuality;

Passion misnomer linchpin my unit, push me away from adore,

Heart once kaput like glass shrapnel’s, scarcely revive restore;

Staying staunch love is not sustainable unless one in adulthood,

Tardy age span vests with high grade skill through to tolerate, 

Unappreciated by heart breakdown apparent living surrogate;

Impact mind among goodness amid your love may have yield,

Coercing upon to befall in your love is not victory, but weird.




A quantity of community owe to over mask weakness with pseudo valor,

One’s vested strength remind them of their weakness chunk of a parlor;

Allow not hold back your potency through hindrance of an individuality,

After all Cain’s distinctiveness are prevailing flow in blood of elite reality;

Socrates  “Governance Principles” laying criteria for ruler-com-monarch,

Forbidding lower class skill staff from entering politics lest yield starch;

“Academics in the garb of ‘Bureaucracy-Judicial’ be intellectual slaves,

Capabilities render their job to cement the ideological legitimacy in cave;

Besides, make stronger by cementum authentic city, fascist business class”,

Decidedly, snatch Nation, it’s wealth, and as tenant, as rum brimful glass;

Maneuvered foolproof escape from gaol by friend with safe passageway,

Socrates point-blank refused to escape instead Saudi Arabian terra firma,

Deny “Principles, “proven a Universal Truth in Pakistan as Scleroderma;

Took brimful cup of Hemlock poison instead of flee bare footed, country,

Throughout luxurious journey in  Royal plane had episodes of dysentery;

Alas! Socrates is born in Pakistan lest Halagu and Genghis Khans come,

Carnage and free Nation, “Monkey Barter” bury in own blood outcome;

 Sidra was sent on earth to lug renaissance in her domain as pr-messiah,

Vested with superlative beauty, cutey and composed nexus Mom Teresa;

Smile reflects “Smile Mountain” through garrison of dimples in cheeks,

Cleopatra, Ruth Sheba likewise manmade Mona Liza lack “Smile Peak;”

Thy reshape Nation, but highly educated gathering get academic benefits,

Fascist businessman, judiciary and bureaucrats are doomed in deficits’;

Let you smile, Sidra, change the world, prove not the other way round,

You’re the last expectation of to act revolutionist to renaissance around;

Wee hours! Zaffar had recurrent heart attack subservient to fester pang,

Heart aches! Resorted automatic playing cardinals, death chimes rang;

Stop breath certain, unless Sidra foregoes drop of “life-of-leaf’ decision,

Can Sidra absorb pity for one in accurate love amid her smile precision;

No will Could not avail Batool the paragon of virtues render me a sinner,

My sole property, 350 poems shall be right of Sidra the solitary winner.



Confident of my identity as to whom I am! People seldom admit,

What I am through; fall in love with Sidra is not a crime submit;

Never love myself, decidedly human sufferings to the best of facts,

Never opt “medical private practice” to drain pockets, no reacts;

Practice is an arrow dragging back from bow, pierce poor’s heart,

Money render medical profession buyable seniors going since smart;

Oath of Hippocrates stands doomed through sordid utter disregard,

Big snakes left eating small offshoots, taken over by medical doctor,

Crushing own budding juniors and not visiting ward while proctor;

Outdoors in hospitals seek visit of messiah, but to have bird eye view,

Maxim,”Dr next to God, present in Medical Ethics,” not purview;

Our days Profs., Assoc, Professors and Asst. Professor did have visit,

3rd, 4th and 5th M.B;B.S class be there and never imagine of a resist;

Now, Prof. are hardly visible and Assoc Prof. stopover occasionally,

Like a brothel-house hospitals run by nude pimps near fetch clients,

Open auction occur by put in the rate of medical prostitutes in garb,

Of medical senior professors exhibiting messiah-ship by razor sharp;

Assistant Prof. too make tracks untouchable commodity just for hunt,

Their own share of treasure from those starving loaf of bread shunt;

Sparing not their own brethren await them in delayed queue ordain,

Own medical college “Medical Alma Mater” educate the void brain;

Servant-in-Chief by eating “Brain-n-Hooves” has gone entire brute,

Governed by renowned Prof. Orthopedics, massage him in absolute;

Who himself was detained for investigation having connivance by,

To prove an alibi got admission for Ph-D to ward off genuine try;

Surely, often visit Osama-bin-Laden in Afghanistan for treatment,

Catch made jackal from “Paper Lion” vest by moral bereavement;

Overall system of pre-medial/intermediate configure is pick-n-chose,

To avert wrong role number confidential and central marking voice;

Contrary to Principles of edict lay by Hon. August Supreme Court,

 “No one be coerced to undergo same examination twice like robot;

Majority of intellectual get eliminate in 2nd exam in garb, entry test,

Might is right! Rest seek help using Academies to maneuver at rest;

Wealth the mother of all might supersedes ethics to achieve admit,

Intermediate merits lost and topper go mad, what viable be submit;

Board of Intermediate’s “Central Marking” criteria exist abandon,

Topper with flying colour merit real straightway reject by pardon;

Confront with medical students lack spelling of appear in subject,

For poor standard Dr! Teachers ought not be blamed, with object;

“Servant-in-Chief operate grant medical Service Structure of India,

Not out of milieu of “Hope-for-Peace,” your industry gains chroma.




How difficult! Thorny to get heart vacated from dweller,

One Ordained via destine godly soul in Jugular smeller;

Tragic part of life embark lying on worship of alive idol,

Not realising the carry in care for her predestined ordeal;

Unilateral idling is zilch, but adore by ring bells in temple,

Hitting head against carillon with bleeding pangs rumple;

Latest Scientific era transformed love into saleable barter,

Which was never agreed by God the Almighty as charter;

Never did He fixed falling in love the criteria based on age,

Mutual reciprocal sharing relations bonded in heart cage;

Not viable to fall in love by smiling death Damocles sword,

Only “Die-heart” can be akin, endorse fester pangs afford;

When shall you sprite! Realise the divine philosophy of love,

Rest of life vision in pseudo valley as victim of the foxglove;

Kings seen volunteering to forfeit the lust of worldly crown,

Queens, too leaving their throne for the love beggar clown;

What be done, both be nexus in edification with an intellect,

Disparity of stratum in status and age go to pick-n-opt select;

A white-collared tardy dwells in trash seeking his counterfeit,

Luck supersedes all ordained and predestined format forfeit;

Thy living in the heart of “Blue-beard” live in an Alhambra,

Zaffar run from pillar to post oddly pilgrimage to his Kaba,

Throughout odd life never run into alive “goddess-of-smile”

Residual life victim of ennui, heart play sordid game nay agile;

Remain ignorant of Batool as riches for a definite Doomsday,

Never hear of bloom by an iota petty blissful but gloom-day;

There is nothing too hard to get God bestowed life associate,

May spin in reluctance, fall in lap, ripe fruit lack dissociate;

Death is inevitable depends on drop of leave by smiling Sidra,

Life shall sigh beyblade in berceuse and rhyme like Orchestra.




All and sundry be in competition as 75million children lack,

Chance of school mandatory Alma Mater a bona fide track;

Number of feudal intentionally block education lest be at par,

Coaching be the “Basic Rights” Ordained by God have no bar;

Imparted education shall open up the eyes of education spruce,

Remind feudal of their bad deeds thereto penetrate into truce;

In Pakistan students of religious school have become intellect,

Remind selected ruler of their “sleaze and scavenger” dialect;

Taliban must not be hated, but be made live amid constitution,

Same cure give to Seraikistan, repair Bahawalpur State action;

Pothohar region never part of Punjab since annals, but grab,

Punjab within silhouette of Lahore & Gujranwala rest is stab;

What enshrines in Principles of Islam, Quran and Sunnat of,

Prophet Mohd(PBUH) is not followed but bribe rule thereof;

Once made a valid party! Why dispute not enter accelerated?

Innocent blood bath of poor masses plus  army be decelerated;

If impugned parley breached by Taliban? Squeeze the nidus.

Why to involve whole Nation by experience Rhisus Sardonisus;

Term used in Toxicology in the poisoning of stray dogs called,

“Kuchla” results in “Laughing Phase” nexus masses brawled;

Masses theretofore fall in “Opisthotonus” qua hyper extension,

With impeding of the breathing through suffocating retention;

Tip of head and toes touch flooring rest body arched upward,

Backbone vulnerable head for fractures, bow not downward;

Poor masses not being given stray dog poison, treat inhuman,

God born all contain animals as free dweller not closed lumen;

A “Messiah” urgently necessitated lest whole population dead,

Already continue living “Living Vegetable” deprived of bread;

Sidra stop voyage from pillar to post and drop “Life Leave”

Of those who are at the helm of affairs and divergent of belief;

Or cut the whole trunk of “Divine Cherry Tree” since mercy,

Humanbeing punished as to human! Animals are better-n-free.  

Uncle Sam could not send Pakistan to stone age era peril given,

Ruling choice in hierarchy clique worsened burning fire spun;

Sidra remains on “Academic Leisure” trips forgot Divine duty,

To drop “Life-Death-Leave” along with branch of elite acne;

Usurped power via an amalgam of intrigue of foreign agencies,

Chief Election Commissioner and foxy play CM, Punjab ease;

Batool scot free gone on zoom; no one agreeable to vanish sins,

Sins once made integral part of body never permit virtue wins.


Aoa Imran.
Khanji, what is you criteria for “Dialogue?????????????”
I stand enthusiastic fan of yours by dint of “Cricket Magic!!!!!”
Don’t you find yourself confronted with struckup in antonym called politics….took the life of Socrates for the survival of “Principles-of-Humanity!!!!!”
It shall be taking your memory retrograde whereby you ruined the career of, then, budding powerful and enthusiast opening batsman…who would have been in Guinness Book of record as only batsman playing ditto copy of Vivian Richards, the West Indian world class stroke player, rarely born. Sir, remember the hook shots of condemned unheard victim. He fell prey to mere blame that his boss, you, too, indulged in smoking Charas. Blames are never believed unless proven.
In the instant case Talibans are pragmatically carnage and cannibal innocent masses, mostly passerby in search of livelihood, armed personnel, para military and military officials and officers.!!!!
You could not bear a unproven blame and ransacked the career of Qasim Umer without affording him chance of personal hearing.
Do you take innocent martyred blood inferior to you personal blame????
You are bowling in your apex days qua bowled legendary Sunil Gavaskar, Indian batsman through in swinging off cutter; if the empire would have yelled “No”. what would have been point of view!! Please don’t join Amir-ul-Momineen in the garb of Prime Minister just for the “-Game”!!!
Have patience and tolerance and endorse Army action lest it is too late to maintain sovereignty of Islamic Republic of Pakistan created in the name of Islam and not pick and choose in hierarchy.
Be assured that I overtly am your party member, but duty bound to have checkmate on your policies!!!! You should encourage such docile party members with an open heart and kind perusal, please!!!
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.
Prof. & Head,
Forensic Medicine & Toxicology..