Both enigmas have positive nexus:-

In annals, there used to live King, said to be kindhearted. Help all and sundry poor, irrespective status. He belonged to royal blood of, “Horse-shoe-Maker” clan. Famous for his philanthropy and honesty.

A person was charged for falling in love with an anchor fairy. Brought to the court of King for justice. Awarded a punishment of eating hundred onion or hundred, “buttock lashes.” Choice was left to the accused to choose any of the punishment.

He thought that eating of hundred onions was easy thereto opted eating onions.

After eating, hardly, two or three onions, he became nauseating with retching and sneezing

 ruthlessly. Made hue and cry and begged for “Buttock Lashing.” When lashing started, he cried

loudly, begging onions. This vicious cycle went on till both punishments got consumed.

A staving macerated person went to his court. He was told to for anything?

He begged Rs500/-. He was given merciless hip lashes for five hundred times. In tortured agony

He returned home. After recovery, he again went to king’s court. This time, he begged, “My

Lord there is a tiny province in your vast empire called, “State of Bahawalpur,” kindly appoint me

it’s governor. Again he was given stereotype punishment. After recovery in two months, he again

reached the court. King recognized him and said, “You have again come! What do you beg?

He said “My lord only to enquire as to what was my fault in getting same punishment twice?”

King said, “On first instance, you underestimated my worth and value and second time,

 you jumped beyond your worth qua got befitting punishments.”

Inversely, same negotiations between Rulers nexus king vis-à-vis Taliban faction’s going on.

Are Taliban not citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Are they not governed by the


Have they not lodged a revolt against sovereignty of their own country in which he dwell under

A solemn oath to abide by the constitution on all fours!!!!!

Question arises, if the game is being played with “Friendly Hands!!!!”

Have we gone in early England era! Any robber or terrorist with the tip of sword or a rough fire

Arm, fining in the atmosphere would say, “Is there anybody to fight me????” decidedly, no one

Would turn-up. He would conquer the throne and become king.  

Are Taliban doing the same in vogue during early history of England!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruling elites are following the maxim, “This time, again, try to slap me?” Was again slapped.

Vicious cycle is going on at the altar of blood of poor and innocent masses, Armed forces and Para

Military forces, repute of country, chastity of females and what not unabated todate????????

Are these negotiations between two adversary countries!!???

Why Army is not given a free hand? Have one hundred and eighty million population been

 Made hostage and slaves as conquered by their own ruling elites in the garb of Elected

representatives (Though by the good will of Najam Sethi and dynamic supervision of

 Chief Election Commissioner and defunct Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Iftikhar

Chaudhry, once uncrowned Raja of Judiciary!!!”

Tax payers of England and USA have applied a tight screw as noose on the necks of their

Governments to check vagaries of ruling elites in Pakistan as their hard earned honest money

through blood and sweat stood wasted in gutters, usurped by Chief Sweepers Government

putting the money in their personal accounts in foreign banks, including one owned by Zardari,

former President of Pakistan, having friendly understanding with presents incumbents, “You

scratch my back, so shall I be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

How violator of the constitution at the helm of affairs can object to violation of Constitution

by Taliban!!!!!!!??????

Is it not an ideal time for Halagu Khan and Genghis Khan to scavenge the corrupt ruling elite and

 an ordinary elite class??

       Can Armed Forces be not made the custodian of situation as was in 1999, 12th October?

When present ruler were bringing a law making Nawaz Sharif as Amir-ul-Momeneen par

 excellence king, to continue the monarchy in inheritance?

When Country ( God forbid) gets dismantled, and then who shall come to refuge of poor deprived masses of

 Substantive livelihood, electricity, water, fuel, medicine, chastity and right to survive par

 excellence animals!!!!


 Emergency be declared in the country forthwith with neutral and honest government.

Army be raised by ten core, recalling reserves of all ranks and those still young as the situation


Post of Field Marshal is created having two Commander-in-Chiefs: One entrusted Eastern Zone

While the other Western Zone.

Constructions of roads and flyovers to run furnace of “Horse-shoe-Makers” clan be stopped.

Austerity be coerced and apply to all and sundry keeping in view enigmatic catastrophe in the


All finances saved be consumed for salary and allowances of Armed Personnel of all ranks in

Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Navy concurrently.

When the situation get resuscitated then recovery be made from usurper of wealth, the Public

Exchequer got from depriving poor’s.

Is there no Islamic Proviso in vogue in Pakistan??? It stands enshrined in the Constitution

Of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1974; only it’s implementation in letter and spirit is mandatory

As is in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic States. It doesn’t suits the ruling elite lest their heads

Are chopped for corruption!!! Rapist publically be shoot(ed), vitriolage be reciprocated with same

act publicly, black money be explained and source checked lest hanging in the streets

and government servants be made answerable to all and sundry besides confiscating the lavish

benefits and privileges by making holding of file as cognizable offence liable to hanging in public.

Fixing the wheels to files should be stopped forthwith, which are just code words for bribery in

Any form. A file should not take more than one week/seven days in its journey, besides

 withholding of  ACRs( Annual Confidential Reports) be made punishable by fixing the

 responsibility on the spot of withheld qua

One day in Receipt Section + Section Officer, one day in Section + Deputy Secretary, one day in

Additional Secretary’s domain, one day in Secretary’s anarchy and rest decision communication.

In fixing the time frame, all illegality shall stand curtailed on all fours.

Overall improvements shall prevail in the country!!!

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.

Prof. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology                                                    





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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