Beauty and cuteness lies in the eyes of a beholder,

Nay does evaluate to a lust weightage stockholder;

Love spawn respect, honour, dignity and  chastity,

Woman is better-quality to man a celestial reality;

Pyramidal pinnacle chandler beacon the signpost,  

Followers are human, none cohort ghastly a ghost;

Feel affection for fairy be divine and supernatural,

Rest is vagaries of black money be paid unnatural;

First soul “Alma Matar “tutelage in lap of mother,

Synonym sister, daughter if not beloved/wife spur;  

Love defines mutual and reciprocal share interact,

Gets vanished when indulged in lovemaking react;

Hardest stones get soften in the love furnace burn,

Reluctant to accede to love glance set entity churn;

Tallest walls of world’s get fall to make easy union,

Jamming the Email memo to articulate love shun;

Kisses, Hugs, Hi, Hey! Uttered by way of consent,

Zaffar shirk to utter love for idol of smile notion;

Maxim, “Fairy should identify one who loves her,

Not one she loves!” Agile Principle eternal myrrh;

Greek Mythology is full of god and goddess earth,

Zaffar explore a reality, “goddess of smile “worth;

Centillion pounds are mini for a way into to Sidra,

“Angel-of-Death” vest by rich smile vision, Allah;

Beauty has nonentity to do with looks, but feelings,

Making aware of recipient yield call love bearings;

An alarm of timidity enshroud me lest it backfires,

Definitely, she is without a heart to sarcast desires;

Senility of mine can’t afford such corporal stigma,

Entrapping my forefathers into soul hurt enigma;

Or else, white collar have no rights to love express,

To hold your breath is liable crime, I feel depress;

Refuge is a zilch but, “Breath-retention-test” akin,

I shall die with my moral, tender and love reckon.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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