Used to care what near and dear thought of me,

Until one day had to pay for casual deeds in sea;

Trust is an addicted hurt, “Trust Automatism,”

My heart confront with smile revolt hypnotism;

Once was sovereign and not bear any maverick,

Fell prey to trillion dollars smile via heart pick;

Trust her guts fetching me staunch worshipper,

Saw weird miracle not she conscious her myrrh;

Still am in a fix how picture left inbox to screen,

Inbox stay blank till next morning, live a serene;

Never had such a striking fairy in mind, subsist,

Never enter my realistic world and always exist;

Beauty is not slayer of my entity, except a smile,

More I love selflessly, more she parallel to mile;

Money can’t buy manners, morals and integrity,

Fairy undermines my dreams be real solidarity;

Accurate dedicated struggle never let one down,

Seed of triumph are rooted in our “heart town;”

Sidra’s eulogize birthed from my decayed pains,

Never seen a gale last forever, not trail by rains;

Vested with clean repute am I nay hanging out,

Wish a death in flux of deity of smile silhouette;

People inspire your beauty not inborn qualities,

Besides, crunch your fame to a defame realities;

If feel my adore be kept careful, craft realize it,

Don’t care elf beauty, glamour and secure writ;

Know my epic! Be mad about smile flux charm,

Shall not only revere, decidedly, love you alarm;

Axes comes from wood, colorful tree reassured,

Handle used to be one of us, holds good assured;

Fallen in love with you, firm you’ll never allow,

My fall secure with your scenery not to swallow.

Like treasures sucking the blood of poor masses,

Custodian! Ruling elites, take money via tosses;

You forever aloe as wolves are hungry of entity,

Who loves you in a fool’s paradise via certainty;

Every time you get a bit, smilingly from scratch,

Never akin to moving, still put Zaffar in a trash; 

One day he’ll fly partway  yesterday to remind,

Existed one who love, never plant in your mind;

“Do as the Roman do!”may be hurt one’s belief,

Happy Valentine Sidra! Antonym, an I.Q. relief.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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