A lamp without wick has no rights to burn and emanate light in hut of poor,

A heartless person has no rights to fall in love, can just be alive entrap boor;

Love is never privilege of kings, queens, wealth and good-looking to explore,

All the hearts are celestial, virtuous, spiritual and serene lack fall makeshift;

Adulation is an infinitive ride on highway linchpin signpost and terrain rift; 

While riding through the channel encapsulate the zoom, mind not obscure,

Free of abhorrence, naughtiness, not kindhearted and a green-eyed procure;

Ought not to get concealed one’s consideration silhouette, but vision to reality, 

Designed away being powerful even as the whole lot seems departing wrong;

Happiest women are the prettiest fairies miracle by dint of predestine prong;

Every things happens for a reason, providing us to learn and adjust by surge,

Be glad about the fluctuating moments as pass on us training for a life surge;

The face up to be oneself in world renovating one turns into everyone as well,

Most of the love pangs die before being express for want of defame yet dwell;

It is reckon maxim that neither lie become accurate nor impiety as amazing,

Some people lack etiquette and mannerism not familiar to say, resort chasing;

All and sundry have a pair of eyes nevertheless, selfless adjudicators by view,

An impersonator seems as good, but not better than them, one tender  preview;  

Had beauty been fixed in appealing faces studded with devoid of brain review;

Marvelous model suggested Bernard Shaw, errand marriage to be solemnize,

Found him loath, said, “They’ll have my face and yours intellectual harmonize”  

Retort, “If yours ambition completely take play in reverse order, then What?”

Julius Caesar was forty four years older than queen Cleopatra by an onslaught;

Nuptials compatibity matter not that of corporeal union through unmated soul,

Lest life pivots on Batool (Moral) and Sidra (Angel-of-Death) omen akin mole;

Zaffar through dint of his career is fully aware of love, particularly unilateral,

Skilled fairies never acquiesce share interact of hearts, mind and souls bilateral.    




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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