Hardly believed a “Miracle” in financial and moral atheist scientific time,

Orphanage of humanity reign the human world and not the animal rhyme;

Expertise Forensic Scientist vest by lowest threshold of suspicious of doubt,

To rule out miracle is not tenable through the progress Space Science clout;

Sidra-tul-Muntaha/Divine Cheery Tree/Angel-of-Death/Sidra is a synonym,

True love with selfless worship by Zaffar in latest scientific era is a antonym;

Saturday, Feb the 1st, saw full programme of “Angel-of-Death” by adoration,

Get her mindful of my selfless worship by mute attitude lack sigh restoration;

Maneuver was a smile, akin shyness and avoidance of look into camera zoom,

A true beneficiary love though neither “Yes” nor “No” nor fall into a gloom;

Read before on Facebook by Angel-of-Death, “Anyone having cell Android,

Can watch such movie on full screen!” Got an Android but knowhow devoid;

Tried message her on said cell, but reply, “You have no permission, message,” 

Got a clear signal of her being move by my eternal love, reluctant for abridge;

Miracle accrues as click “inbox”, how it occurs! Her picture struck cell screen,

Moved from left to right corners with finger tip, saw “inbox” her photo seen;

Unaware of any provision to drag a picture from “inbox” taking it as Miracle,

Enquired from Android expertise but in vain! What to do, now, for my angel;

For an orthodox in Zaffar, there is nothing, decidedly, miracle in scientific era,

Love is divine convey through “sixth sense” piercing eachother eyes by aqua;

Devoid of lust, mutual magnetism irrespective of cast, creed, gender and age,

Theretofore married couple not having predestined souls stay behind a cage;

Seduce is blend of lust, allure and “Pyramid-of-Emotions,” ejection  in dust,

Have no segregation of mom, sisters and daughters, brain solidifying to rust;

One has to be obsessed with falling in love studded with complete divine craze,

Ready to forfeit everything for one’s idol with drive and work hard lest erase;

Work hard to love selfless and love the entire life until upbeat obtain through,

I solemnly affirm under an Oath falling in love by, “Angel-of-Death” in woo;

My life is not wonderful, unreservedly have perfect moments for my goddess,

There is no zeal to be originate in setting without you less than the one auspice;

Sometimes, walking away from love is zilch to do with Achilles’ heel, my dear,

Every accomplishment starts with reciprocal assessment is not modest by fear;

Failures are part of life, if one doesn’t fall in love shall never change the stand,

Zaffar is without Batool to his credit used for Doomsday, who saves his brand.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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