Sidra triumphs, “A big change for all!” Dr Zaffar Bukhari shall be in gaol,

How did he dare falling in love with precursor of death angel, what a goal;

Youthful! Truth is that, “All that glitter is not gold and Gold does glitter!”

“Zaffar with a true love is man, whereas all men are not Zaffar; not whirr”

Ruby in an audible voice, ”Dr. don’t save my life! I do not wish for to live,”

Dr, ”Doctors ought to save lives as messiah! Try to resuscitate you alive;”

Was a crystal clear case of self immolation, no problem diagnose homicide,

Under, “Rule of Nine” & Palmer Method” scalded surface area was 90%,

I/V line maintain by Venisection thereto two Branula put in, life augment;  

3rd degree burn in Pakistan have poor prognosis, it was,”6th degree” burn,

“Aamer died! Why should I, too, live betraying him; it’s era for my turn!”

Alas! Nice be student days both fell in love with eachother, bar cast system,

Aamer was descendant of Hazrat Zain-ul-Abedin, Ruby Rajput, not chum;  

Forgetting that it were Syed to get Rajput alter to Islam from Ram-Ram,

For marriage Rajput Clan got regenerate hate and aggressive sordid slam;

Together took an Oath before God not marry in life but to die as a single,

After finishing Bachelor of Petroliam qualification, coerce not to mingle;

Left for lucrative job in Libya, leaving Pakistan by heart raze by inner fire,

Ruby was coerced into conjugal bond, of course without consent rigid dire;

Cousin husband, a feudal, broke norm of life, raped her to have offshoots,

Having two sons and one daughter, spend life awfully nomadic lack roots;

Treated like a maid to serve the house as slave, volley of numerous rape,

Life remained horrible for a woman having Masters in English, hubby ape;

Heard of Aamer’s accidental death in Libya she went to mental confusion,

Had third callous assault without dot by husband bullying her in oblivion;

Put two gallons of petrol in bath tub thereto put herself in it, lit matchstick,

Rest was but natural! Huge fire erupted touch the ceiling by voice restrict;

Servant rushed to rescue her but in vain, most of them got flame scorching,

An  “Altar,””True and pious love” linchpin death Chandler emit torching;

In Tehsil Hospital no facilities of “Burn Unit” existed! except emergency,

Blood and Saline Branula remove in agony as pain sensation lost  decency;

“Burn Unit Ambulance” reached from Teaching Medical College to rescue,

Put into an Ambulance cordoned by Burn Unit Specialists, death did chew;

Negligence of paramedics did play part, as Branula stood removed by her,

A smiling fairy was received by Sidra for Heaven, present were angel elder.  



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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