To achieve triumph one have to find confront by failures,

Either one stands bestowed with a “flux in” zoom anchors;

Attraction doesn’t theme as attentive no criteria originate,

Taken part of zoom profession relate behind screen skate;

If an occupation does not reciprocate the share interaction,

Life seems lost awfully in limbo vacuum starved, reaction;

One of the mystery of love pyramid is constantly go down,

Entrap in inferiority complex lack chance and breakdown;

Zaffar avoid scare of white-collar as a snag to express love, 

As an skill of pecuniary beyblade gyrate ideal by foxglove;

Over and over again find harmful qua for a negative fame,

She gets denigrate and suffers chastity lost, get me blame;

Find myself drawn in hoodwink, adore for goddess Batool,

Scared of it as treat patients for this enigma, craft me fool;

Coincidently, work fetches fame the thereto out-of-bound,

Vest with no time out of glamour to apt by natural hound;

How affirm “Do you want my heart or soul?” lest backfire,

I tender Valentine Day to my surest demise coded in Sidra,

Puppeteer “life-n-death” via string, playing live orchestra;

Don’t let dread and doubt block your reciprocate sanction,

Keep pray pro our fated union, believe going in an action;

Mother never feeds an infant unless he makes hue and cry,

Keep believe that your certain matching part knock a try;

Era for today neither tomorrow nor the past, but moment,

Just now! Shall never repeat like time, love and tide brunt;

Forget past, no one can predict ensuing future, live instant,

Surplus love gets letdown as trivial can encompass suffice,

No lack of better half yet fated souls soothe merger revise;

Something novel can’t we attain when hands full of  trash,

Command over effort may not impede an ordain lest rash;

Salvation is never obligatory for nursing or contract zoom,

Born souls precursor a union Sidra and nay at all a gloom.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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