Zaffar stood dead as born on sordid earth,

Protest by loud tone cry tint murk dearth;

Best wishes pierce stale air dole out sweet,

Male deem kin icon for two ends to meet;

From fairytale era enter an eternal senile,

No idea of fall in love, heart pump fragile;

Near dear, links and foe start suck blood,

Receiver bent cannibal nexus ravine flood;

Life in Satanism devoid flux in Batool fate,

Life has gone docile, grief and mixed fake;

How to forget veto access to ideal of virtue,

Life gets null by void lacking my love statue;

Fuss via zoom on what lies ahead buzz heart,

Grave has crushed my entity naïve not smart;

World gone unsafe not cos of Ozone deplete,

Because of people ignoring adore an obsolete;

Irrespective how tardy is, someday she yields,

Non pursue is Infidelity to take love as wield;

Conscious of “Sword of Damocles” luck Sidra,

My life rests in Sidra-tul-Muntaha after Allah;

My expression of love remain devoid of water,

How to utter? Life at stake to have vision blur;

Is it not trace that Zaffar fell in love with death,

Have his dispense amid “Leaf Drop” last breath;

God only predestine, but assures two souls union,

She is busy in pull the string of life use leaf drop,

God tints grace and beauty in curator life to chop;

Her elegant and alluring eyes got me sink in them,

Pick up not afford a chance except put condemn;

I in fear coming by data Izraeil (AS), death Angel,

How dare fall in love by ibid at the behest go dull?




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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