What does a human being can renaissance during following raw year,

Chronic characteristics out of lap of mother occasionally attain clear;

We make merry for new year lacking display estimate, times of yore,

What a new year shall resuscitate Batool not ever credence to explore,

Pivoted around an pointer linchpining Cain murder Abel real brother,   

Setting overturned tolerate emotional life, God created Adam father;

Banshee slaughter human blood, particularly of Muslims civilization,

Wail, moan and “splatter platter” songs to concern world realisation;

Pity to blame the outsider, when near dear sucks blood and cannibal,

Pity the Nation!!!

“Black Demin Trousers”  for “Drone Attacker” in garb of ethics tall;

Illegitimates were thrown out of England to search living go far flung,

Arrive at Australia and USA, later massacre Red Indian nucleus rung;

Rosa Parks, Martin L king and antiapartheid bring Obama President,

Red Indian regeneration transformed stir once slaves be real resident;

Muslim acquire principles of Jews as depicted by in Sherlock Holmes,

Custodian of Kaba has altered as “Custodian-of-Interest” syndromes;

Charging 18 to 24% interest to be followed by their partners Muslim,

Prophet Mohd(PBUH) when preach Islam, finances was not anthem;

Pakistan, too, require resuscitation by Halagu and Genghis revolution,

Eliminate shady “Elite Rulers” from pious land meant for just action;

Revolutions are always blood-spattered by end by ouster from world,

Halfway division of snake during binary fission not kill, say in Herald;

Had Commando Gen Musharraf struck to ibid; firm into twelve point,

Divided state into small handy zones and make Kalabagh Dam anoint;

Sequalae of binary fission political actor yet re-carnage entire masses,    

Richest immune, depriver and devoid of necessity of life put on taxes;

Decremented life span overburden with each incremental year festival,

Richest fattened with richest and poor seek out of clean breath revival;

Water, flour, air, gas, fuel, vigor, chastity are out of bound birth right,

Can be vindicated of animalism through French Revolution of Bloody,

Mary’s era where cake was stated cheap than loiter of bread, tragedy;

Zaffar succumb to Sidra’s glamour, linchpin at near end of purgatory,

Valour are those who enfold death, by pain of switchblade suppository;

Divine status updates is starved of Batool the model of Ordained virtue,

Owing her nexus Bath Sheba, Mona Liza and queen Cleopatra’s statue;

Sidra-tul-Muntaha puppeteer string of life encoded with Ordained leaf,

Let my leaf get dropped by Sidra if not able to hold it! To die is my belief.











About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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