How difficult is it to forget a selfless love? Though one-way traffic,

However unnoticed inspite of deliverance by pouring life not trick;

Kings left thrones linchpin a signpost of love to live till Doomsday,

Millionaire woman at thirty five seen  marry seventy nine by day;

I would go to hate barter deals overshadowing love divine proviso,

Little weird by spoil of adoration via shaky ache for wealth dough;

Pretending to be happy whilst in twinge of toleration and patience,

Strong as a person is evaluate by pragmatic quantum of resilience;

Who else can be more burly than one seeking Sidra replicate death,

It is a pleasure consisting of pawn called life, counting final breath;

Chess in the name given to “Love” consistently  won by a trickster,

Having lot of exchequer for a bid to play and win a gamble cluster;

Got eyes open! “Ruth Sheba” on zoom peeping cavernous “Insight”

Guest were “Goofs, “Queen Saba” highly competent logical bright;

Dressed in bluish-sky with golden embroidery from cleavage down,

Velvety hair curved at end go down on front shining blonde brown;

Alluring, gazelle, hazelnut, “Mango-sliced-sharp” eyes emit beacon,

Pierced via vision, pupils and brain right into my heart stop season;

Live calls were existing , I did have a borne fruit sharing exchange,

Initially reluctant thereto awfully conducive as if fated interchange;

Said I, “Are you “Sidra-tul-Muntaha” alias Sidra or Ruth Sheba?”

“Neither of them, decidedly, messiah to crusade revival SCUBA!”

“Self contained under water breathing apparatus utilize, sins earth,

Pakistan stand worst of culpable crime thereto sins, lack no dearth;

“Messiah” a precursor “Imam Mahdi(AS)” to like outwit salvation,

Mothers, sisters and daughters are root of income during auction;”

Political barter deals tap “Pyramidal Apex” bypass those in Egypt,

People deprive of substantive require of life what privilege chipped;

After my divine and pragmatic duty is over, you shall me nowhere,

Imam Mahdi(AS) shall come followed via Jesus Christ everywhere.





Patience in antagonism, tolerance when popular exhibit attitude,

Shall not aggravate my senility when can’t control by substitute;

Unable to relinquish my admire, don’t want to enshrouded sins,

No sane can afford facing God on Doomsday unless virtues wins;

Batool sent on earth as messiah, prophesize an epitome of virtue,

Have no corporeal entity, but qualitative figure yet not a statue;

Routinely confronted through disenchantment and/or aftermath,

World conducive to yield face stock market! I ignorant of math;

Regime of fluxed-in love never forfeit but enter dense daydream,

Heel the fulcrum to cling to on lava swear impact covert  esteem; 

Two voice beyblade the grey-matter; passion distorted by defeat,

Concession is call of faith as celestial and voice of victory repeat;

Fake wiser shall tell you tricks to escape from death and art, life,

Delinquencies are never intentional merely to tender  regret rife;

Falling on face, hunt of love never yield to status and  education,

Love is blind, melt marital status if come in way set substitution;

A down-to-earth appraisal of one’s fairy turns prognosis sound,

Scripture says, “If we don’t praise even God forgets our bound;

Rock pray qua don’t rock call upon God, let we implore emblem,

One’s dearly loved is piety have to be worship akin not problem;

One comes across many a routes on map in life, one must chosen,

Destination are destined in heaven particularly love nay auction;

Detour, shortcut, symbol and image are antagonist in an adore,

Eye-to-eyes come across transmit an insist on for mutual restore;  

Complete itinerary of our sharing interaction for merger eternal,

Solitarily my death executed by Sidra written, time not external;

Zaffar shall die when Sidra pull the “String of hate”, drop leave,

She is my reckon love, but, not acquiesce yield, eternal bereave!




The nation created in the name of Islam stands usurped by fanatic,

Socrates Principles violated in garb of good governance by lunatic;

“Horse-shoe-Makers” raped Socrates “Doctrine” maneuver be ruler,

Masses nexus, “horse-shoe-Make“ lack necessity of life, chastity slur;   

Assertion of Caliph Umer (RA) about dying on account of hunger,

“If a bitch is found dead on bank, Euphrates, then my name blur”;

Neither King Mahmud nor slave Ayyaz’s equality gets action replay,

Nor Alexander the Great empty hand out of coffin by funeral in clay;

Cronies are recruit in local security agencies at the behest of politics,

Named police force for personal use of ruling elites and family chicks;

Poor masses constitute eighty percent of population are grave victim,

Religious Don’s offshoots cleavage at one end mouth, farthest rectum;

New livelihood mushroomed run by “Elite Dons” called flesh beggary,

Coins on top acceptable at crossroads hold rented infants, a treachery;

Young robust females seeking through eyes to eyes what not volunteer,

Depends on donor’s taste! Rests throw tiny coins on face crystal clear;   

Young kids and female abduct for “flesh trade,” cross road suppliant,

Parents weep through panged life for lost one in permanent ailment;

Besides, taken for human flesh trade irrespective of mother, sister and,

Daughters, also young females irrespective of status raped as a brand;

Gory drama in Islam sprout during era of Hazrat Ali(RA) by traitors,

Few instigators vest in covert revolt against the Caliph, as arbitrators; 

Traitors in the garb of terrorist would have been crushed-n-eliminate,

Muslim-bin-Aqeel would have been martyred nor Karbala sublimate;

Disloyal volcano erupt callously in Karbala where Husain(RA) invite, 

Betray by very followers under coercion of Yazid(Curse UH), divide;

Pity the rulers! Proving mythology of rule of Socrates, caring activist,

Utilize them as their masters to further bulldoze famine struck revisit;

Electricity, water, gas, subsistence and chastity dumped in lost archive,

Election promises made fake green garden settle black garden achieve;

Burn the flag of ruling elite to an ashes, from there sprout a prosperity,

Alas! God sends Gen Azam Khan to save East Pakistan akin Chastity;

Any patriotic nexus “Valor Atta Turk” in our Army to save, carnage,

Lest Pakistan burn akin Rome; Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Pervaiz trudge.

Dr Zaffar Bukhari  

Prof. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, at Lahore, Pakistan.

Email:  Cell No: +92 030 09 44 73 19     




My dearest Sony! Confident, you’re fine and in good health as per declaration!

            Life is not as we take it! It is getting ourselves adjusted into it!!! All that glitters

Is not gold!!! We struggle on daily basis, stereotype, to have novel achievement in our

Lives thereto when life pass for good then we are not left with second chance.

Difference between herd of sheep and humanbeing is that in earlier when a sheep runs

In jammed traffic, remaining sheep of herd follow earlier blindly irrespective of consequences

Settling in valley of death. Because animals are vested with “Physical Courage as per nature.

Whereas, humanbeings are vested with “Moral Courage”, called courage of senses. It consists of

Going forward and backwards depending on conducive and otherwise circumstances………!

Monoo, Sharif(s) and Mansha, all, started from Pakistan…..!

One can bring a horse to a pond of water, but cannot make it drink water!!!

A true, divine, pious and devoted love determines the fate of family and not an individual!!!

I have selfless and vast experience of life with crux, “Rome was not built in a day!!!!!!”

Advices are perceived and not thrust upon aimlessly. Even real blood becomes white, heart

Black and mind hot red scorched. Who am I to advise you, baita????

Hazrat Ali (RA) was passing through a butcher’s shop. Butcher yelled,”Ali (RA)!!! I have got very fresh meat, please, do buy it.” Ali (RA) told him of empty pocket. He emphasized, “No matte! You can borrow it and pay me when have the money.” Ali (RA) replied, “I would get my stomach tasted

the essence of Paradise then having essence of borrows!!!!”

  God has Made us Super Humanbeing and, decidedly, a herd of sheep!! If confronted with odd situation, better recede, finding positineness studded with conduciveness, re-march ahead to

Achieve the goal, off course fated one!!

Sorry, to have wasted your precious time to fulfill my divine duties, on all fours. TC.

Fatherly Yours,

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.





To achieve triumph one have to find confront by failures,

Either one stands bestowed with a “flux in” zoom anchors;

Attraction doesn’t theme as attentive no criteria originate,

Taken part of zoom profession relate behind screen skate;

If an occupation does not reciprocate the share interaction,

Life seems lost awfully in limbo vacuum starved, reaction;

One of the mystery of love pyramid is constantly go down,

Entrap in inferiority complex lack chance and breakdown;

Zaffar avoid scare of white-collar as a snag to express love, 

As an skill of pecuniary beyblade gyrate ideal by foxglove;

Over and over again find harmful qua for a negative fame,

She gets denigrate and suffers chastity lost, get me blame;

Find myself drawn in hoodwink, adore for goddess Batool,

Scared of it as treat patients for this enigma, craft me fool;

Coincidently, work fetches fame the thereto out-of-bound,

Vest with no time out of glamour to apt by natural hound;

How affirm “Do you want my heart or soul?” lest backfire,

I tender Valentine Day to my surest demise coded in Sidra,

Puppeteer “life-n-death” via string, playing live orchestra;

Don’t let dread and doubt block your reciprocate sanction,

Keep pray pro our fated union, believe going in an action;

Mother never feeds an infant unless he makes hue and cry,

Keep believe that your certain matching part knock a try;

Era for today neither tomorrow nor the past, but moment,

Just now! Shall never repeat like time, love and tide brunt;

Forget past, no one can predict ensuing future, live instant,

Surplus love gets letdown as trivial can encompass suffice,

No lack of better half yet fated souls soothe merger revise;

Something novel can’t we attain when hands full of  trash,

Command over effort may not impede an ordain lest rash;

Salvation is never obligatory for nursing or contract zoom,

Born souls precursor a union Sidra and nay at all a gloom.



Inhabitants forget the favour bestowed upon them by God,

Decidedly, forget what a man did yield with a heart broad;

Shall not forget how you yield and succumb to their feelings,

Miseries in the long run blur the vision by self ego reeling’s

Augment flashpoint of tender festering wounds absorption,

Lust and greed embed human genes once born, renovation;

Adam(PBUH) created by God thereto breached His Ordain,

Evicted from Heaven get his offshoots to starve of tiny grain;

We zigzag in loss and death without a realise quite Custodian,

Death synonym Sidra are armament of lives as our guardian;

Compatible are our flaws as assort in human beings complex,

Impregnated via inborn Batool’s model of virtues nay duplex;

Like day and nights all of us can’t be identical but at variance,

Life is seedling, what we sow, do have same reap by tolerance;

Seed begets kernel, hate begets hate, love begets love as yield,

To modify tomorrow, labor sow seed-of-life today plus wield;

Work is always gateway to fame fetching more stable utilize,

Populace fake every relation including mom’s sanctity realise;

One ought be thankful to God for not creating us as animals,

Made our time gold, rooted in clan’s hold, not experimental;

Matter the vires of situation emotions ought be under control,

Lest get superimposed intelligence, life a victim of an uphold;

There’re many a slips amid cup and lips, maxim valid for me,

Predestined do catch eyes of counterpart eyes through a glee;

True fated straightway catch the awful heart thereto pursue,

Hardly possible to walkway once trapped in adore by queue;

Life is too short to counter all and sundry’s query abnormal,

Always surge for a true fated in mirage rebuff never normal.




Since advent of methodical achievements and reign over space,

Man conquered Moon, Mars and humanity vanish lack a trace;

Research medical scientist missed finding of disease, conscience,

A divine sanction of Batool paragon of Virtues remain conscious;

It is an amalgam of white blood, black heart and a searing brain,

Iota of trivial ethical, moral and animal values fall in sewer drain;

Mother lap, first “Alma Meter” deliver alike class to all offspring,

No one dares to query reliability of mom’s partiality for up bring;

Eve imparted divine and realistic tutoring to sons Cain and Abel,

Cain murder Abel putting the parents in misery and never stable;   

“Socrates Principles “scarce in touching with vires of own blood,  

Warned against ruling elite chosen from horse-shoe-maker flood;

Human soul embedded with trust during nine month pregnancy,

Confidence and faith uphold throughout life signify akin regency;

When wealth lost-nothing lost; health lost-something is vanished,

Character lost-everything lost and when trust lost life tarnished;

“Will” in all religions is binding on all fours chiefly parental one,

Ought to be mutual strap on donor and recipient, later not alien;

Palm facing earth, an eternal dwell is far better to lone face sky,  

Robber, cheater, burglar and “Money Trickster” have life a fly;

Colleague, friends and associate are par excellence blood relation,

None other dodges, decidedly, own blood resort foul subjugation;

Zaffar hang about dormant major part of life from falling in love,

When fell realised! Realised it is nothing, but life-death foxglove;

Slightly hurt and at times healing with poultice of visual appease,

Never hear of death akin Cleopatra and Bath Sheba cool breeze;

Cute, alluring, gorgeous, hazelnut and “Mango slice” shape eyes,

Getting me drown in them eternally within goddess Sidra by dies;

Neck nexus Habra Bustard and Eucalyptus akin tall figure total,

Graceful, beautiful, voluptuous, luscious delivering like Aristotle;

Met her during search of Batool settling into Sidra-tul-Muntaha,

Nearest end of Purgatory puppeteer pulling string of life mantra’   

By death Zaffar has gave a realistic theory for ensuing research,

Psychic-o-somatic equilibrium distorts due to greed bells Church.

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.           Email:

Prof & Head, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.





Vision is sculpture of perceiving qua is invisible to others,

Unilateral selfless love render slavery settle into authors;

Regular follow-up of admiration returns wicked beggary,

Efforts are cherished by the God, Who condemn slavery;

True love is blind since design of the world as seen Cain,

Murder real brother Abel, sky moan through tear’s rain;

Adam(AS) could only weep so does Eve wail by blind cry,

Left with people not akin, Zaffar loves in oblivion by fry;

Beyblade in each moment of each day scared from Sidra,

Daydream of “life-n-leaf” plunge from a purgatory aura;

Who you’re and what you believe doesn’t matter in love,

Love malformed from divinity to commodity of foxglove;

One can never obtain a consign of soothe in this business,

No sooner one comes across cushy pustule bear bareness;

Sullying other’s happiness tantamount to culpable crime,

Love cannot be coerce or bough, is in lullaby and rhyme;

Keep always eyes closed so that don’t perceive the vision,

Lacking Batool ensuing world is, but, incense in oblivion;

There’re hardly few to distinguish fall in love gracefully,

Fall of first drop of a rain on hot sand dune thoughtfully;

Reckoned, when two people fated for eachother do meet,

Lust and greet betray God’s Ordain thereto resort cheat;

No time too long, remote and nobody able them partway,

Love born incredible on all fours signpost a positive look,

Meant for those who have compassion perceive not hook.



Zaffar stood dead as born on sordid earth,

Protest by loud tone cry tint murk dearth;

Best wishes pierce stale air dole out sweet,

Male deem kin icon for two ends to meet;

From fairytale era enter an eternal senile,

No idea of fall in love, heart pump fragile;

Near dear, links and foe start suck blood,

Receiver bent cannibal nexus ravine flood;

Life in Satanism devoid flux in Batool fate,

Life has gone docile, grief and mixed fake;

How to forget veto access to ideal of virtue,

Life gets null by void lacking my love statue;

Fuss via zoom on what lies ahead buzz heart,

Grave has crushed my entity naïve not smart;

World gone unsafe not cos of Ozone deplete,

Because of people ignoring adore an obsolete;

Irrespective how tardy is, someday she yields,

Non pursue is Infidelity to take love as wield;

Conscious of “Sword of Damocles” luck Sidra,

My life rests in Sidra-tul-Muntaha after Allah;

My expression of love remain devoid of water,

How to utter? Life at stake to have vision blur;

Is it not trace that Zaffar fell in love with death,

Have his dispense amid “Leaf Drop” last breath;

God only predestine, but assures two souls union,

She is busy in pull the string of life use leaf drop,

God tints grace and beauty in curator life to chop;

Her elegant and alluring eyes got me sink in them,

Pick up not afford a chance except put condemn;

I in fear coming by data Izraeil (AS), death Angel,

How dare fall in love by ibid at the behest go dull?




Tardy Years! Instead Kaba, fallen in love positive,

Fell in “Quiet Valley” express love spent negative;

Renaissance linchpin my heart, fail to ignore fame,

Pessimism reigns my soul qua fairy victim, defame;

Being bold doesn’t entail physical valour to express,

True love is nascent adoration exclusive of depress;

Love is existence, I admit being fitness check doctor,

Everything exists, bur realised late, remain proctor;

Considered love grace and kindness of entire parts,

Encircled by company of messiah barely live smart;

Can you deny receipt of my love? No, you’ve heart,

To share interact in love is beautiful thing go thwart;

Fear is antagonist to communicate one’s inner core,

At the critical moment white-collar impede explore;

Heard! One can live everywhere when crazy in love,

Lie superimpose barter love be auction by foxglove;

Susceptible akin that you don’t calisthenics kidding,

Love derive from relations of Prophets nay bidding;

Two options govern love, either love him or be loved,

Second conclusion is divine as Ordained not gloved;

Accept chore for shifting from materialistic to divine,

Concurrently, task and love be amalgamate to ravine;

No one can claim crude of love and be divine appease,

Zaffar not at all stood cognisence to love, fairy please.